Contribute to Manufacturing Moving towards the Smart Manufacturing, One Case of “Four-way Multi Shuttle” Project by Inform


In recent years, faced with the increasing demand for small-batch, multi-variety, and customized products and services from users, the problems of low storage capacity utilization, low sorting efficiency, and inability to respond quickly in the manufacturing industry have become more prominent! There is an urgent need for a flexible solution for smart warehousing. Inform Storage has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent warehousing and logistics for many years, serving more than 50+ industries; this article is for the manufacturing industry, sharing a case of a “four-way multi shuttle” project built by Inform Storage in Shanghai.


Part of the equipment


Work ability

The Inform Storage four-way multi shuttle in the project has multiple capabilities such as remote control, self-detection of power, prompt alarm, online charging, remote update and download programs, independent measurement of racking, input parameters, communication data transmission, and log records. The cycle operation efficiency of one single four-way multi shuttle is 45 boxes /hour. The overall operating efficiency of 7 box-type four-way shuttles is 40*7=280 boxes/hour (out + in), and the combined operating efficiency is 45*7=315 boxes/hour (out + in). Note: The above-mentioned operation capabilities include the inbound and outbound operations, and it is the theoretical efficiencies that can be achieved without shifting goods in warehouse or changing floors.

Project picture