Ten Subsystems of Intelligent Warehousing: “Four-Way Multi Shuttle System”


With the rapid development of China's intelligent logistics industry, it has brought intelligent, convenient and efficient changes in the storage and management of goods to all walks of life, and the overall social benefits have been continuously improved! Inform Storage has been deeply involved in the intelligent warehousing and logistics industry for many years, and has rich experience in the application research of industry scenarios and the implementation of industry projects, and has formed ten modularized and quickly implementable intelligent warehousing subsystem solutions.

This issue introduces the solution of the four-way multi shuttle system stored by Inform. The system usually consists of a four-way multi shuttle, a box-type elevator, a rack conveyor line, a picking station, a piggyback AGV, a WMS system, a WCS system, and a rack storage system. It can realize the functions of fast in-out and out-of-warehouse of material boxes and cartons, and fast picking of goods to people.


Four-way multi shuttle system

● System advantage
   Modular design, high flexibility, strong expandability, less roadway, less warehouse area, low requirements on warehouse
   conditions, and can be implemented quickly. The four-way shuttle can travel in four directions, work across roadways and
   floors, and intelligently dispatch multiple vehicles on the same floor. The number of shuttles is determined according to the
   throughput, which can realize the functions of in-out and out of the warehouse and quick picking.

● Solve problems
   For the warehousing application scenario, there are many SKUs, which are difficult to manage; the inventory is shallow,
   the space utilization rate is low, and the picking efficiency is low;

● Efficiency value
   The processing capacity of in and out of the warehouse is 3-4 times that of other automated warehouse. Storage space
   utilization can be as high as 95%.

● Application scenarios
   It is suitable for application scenarios such as goods-to-person picking, dismantling and picking, and multi-category
   small-item picking

● Applicable industries
   Cold chain, new energy, auto parts, retail, clothing, 3C...




● Project cases


7-1FAWSH Group Co.,LTD project case

FAWSH Group Co.,LTD is a well-known auto parts manufacturer in China. The project is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province, with a total area of 20,000 square meters; Customers are faced with different problems, such as many SKUs in the auto parts scene, difficult cargo space planning and management, high requirements for high efficiency and accuracy of picking, low warehouse space utilization, and high labor costs! The solution for the four-way multi shuttle system planned and designed by Inform Storage, equipped with 15 four-way multi shuttles, 3 box-type elevators, 1 set of conveyor line and warehouse front conveyor line, 3 sets of goods-to-person picking tables, equipped with large visual screen, etc. After the program was implemented, the benefits were good.

9-1-1-1In addition, other project cases include: "The State Grid Huangshi Project, the Okamura Project, a well-known fashion project in Ningbo, the Xinxiang Qianweiyangchu Food project, a Shanghai technology enterprise project! The customer's investment rate of return is generally high! Greatly improved Storage capacity and operation efficiency, the labor cost saving effect is obvious!

In the future, Inform Storage will continue to be driven by innovation, continuously optimize product structure and system service capabilities, and provide better and more system solutions to help enterprises upgrade and develop digital intelligence in warehousing and logistics, improve quality and efficiency!




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