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Disclaimer: Except for the arbitration agreement, the following distributor recruitment information is for informational purposes only, and no information constitutes a commitment by Inform Group.The information described in this bulletin does not supersede official information obtained by the applicant from Inform Group.Except for the arbitration agreement, the information in this announcement is not legally binding on the applicant, Inform Group and any other third party.






In order to meet the needs of the rapid global development of Inform Group, on the basis of relying on existing partners, Inform Group is also willing to invite outstanding enterprises in the industry who agree with the brand value of Inform Group and are willing to provide customers with intelligent warehousing services to join The distributor marketing network of Inform Group.



As an important bridge between users and manufacturers, distributors are responsible for the important mission of brand image promotion, brand value transmission and market development.Inform Group always regards them as their important partners and is closely related to them.Therefore, we will definitely take into account the interests of all new and old distributors, and develop together in a harmonious, healthy and sustainable manner.


Services provided by our company to distributors:
✔ Product brochure
✔ Product training service
✔ Technical training service
✔ Technical solution service
✔ Local exhibition advertisement support
✔ Online advertisement support
✔ Brand marketing management training service
✔ Regional after-sale spare parts service
✔ After-sales training service
✔ Sample service for special products
✔ 30-120 days credit service
✔ 30-90 days product inventory service

Racking & shelving we plan to promote:
• Heavy duty racking
• Steel platform
• Multi-tier racking
• AS/RS racking
• Shuttle racking
• Customized racking
• New energy racking
• Self-supported racking & Rack supported buildings


Warehouse automation products we plan to promote:
• Stacker crane system
• Shuttle as/rs system
• Four-way bin shuttle system
• Two-way bin shuttle system
• Two-way pallet shuttle system
• Four-way pallet shuttle system
• RGV system
• EMS type conveying system
• Customized solutions for tire industry
• Customized solutions for lithium batteries industry
• Customized solutions for the ceramic industry.

Countries where we plan to invite distributors:

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