Teardrop Pallet Racking

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Teardrop pallet racking system is used for storing pallet packed products, by forklift operation. Main parts of the whole pallet racking include upright frames and beams, along with a wide range of accessories, like upright protector, aisle protector, pallet support, pallet stopper, wire decking, etc.

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It mainly consists of Beams and Upright Frame. Use with other accessories to achieve different functions.

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1. No Import Duty to U.S.A.,COO can be provided
2. No Anti-dumping & Anti-subsidy Margin for Rack
3. Lower Labor Cost
4. Thailand Production – Shorter Production Time


  1. 1.Inform (Thailand) factory, located in Weihua Industrial Park, Chonburi, Thailand, covers an area of 34,816 square meters, with a planned total investment of 15 million US dollars;
  2. 2.Its mainly used for the USA tear drop racking and automated equipment  just like intelligent logistics robotsstacker cranes, AGV/RGV, high-precision racking and other products that meet overseas standards;
  3. 3.It is estimated that the production capacity of AGV/RGV, shuttle machine, etc. will reach 1000 sets per year, and the annual output of high-precision shelves will exceed 20000 tons.



Loading Port

Destination Port



Laem Chabang

Long Beach Port

20-35 days


Laem Chabang

Houston Port

20-35 days


Laem Chabang

Miami Port

20-35 days


Laem Chabang

New York Port

20-35 days

Why Choose Us

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1. NanJing Inform Storage Equipment Group,as a public listed state controlled enterprise, specialized in the logistic storage solution field since 1997.
2.  Core Business: Racking
Strategic Business:Automatic System Integration
Growing Business: Warehouse Operation Service
3.  Inform owns 5 factories, with over 1000 employees. Inform listed A-share on June 11, 2015, stock code: 603066, becoming the first listed company in Chinas warehousing industry.

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