ASRS+Radio Shuttle System

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AS/RS + Radio shuttle system is suitable for machinery, metallurgy, chemical, aerospace, electronics, medicine, food processing, tobacco, printing, auto parts, etc, also suitable for distribution centers, large-scale logistics supply chains, airports, ports, also military material warehouses, and training rooms for logistics professionals in colleges and universities.

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AS/RS + Radio shuttle system introduction

Receipt-can accept various materials and semi-finished products from suppliers or production workshops;

Inventory-store unloaded goods in the location specified by automation system;

Pickup-obtain the required goods from warehouse according to demand, is first-in first-out (FIFO) method often;

Delivery-send the taken out goods to customers as required;

Information query-can query the relevant information of warehouse at any time, including inventory, operation and other information.

System Advantages

① can implement fully automated processes to improve work efficiency and greatly reduce working time;

② is with good safety, reducing forklift collision;

③ is high-density storage, the utilization rate of the warehouse is much higher than regular AS/RS.

④ is cost-effective, the cost of single storage is lower than regular AS/RS.

⑤ is flexible operation mode.

Customer Case

In recent years, Chinese cold chain logistics industry has developed rapidly, the demand for cold chain intelligent warehousing has continued to increase. More and more companies and government platforms have built AS/RS warehouses. By investing in automated equipment such as stackers and shuttles, the integrated system exerts its maximum effect, realizes the rapid access of cold chain goods and efficient & precise access control, improves the efficiency of enterprise, realizes a high degree of informatization, saves manpower and costs, and improves safety.

Relying on the deep background and rich experience in the automation and intelligence filed and the cold chain industry, NANJING INFORM STORAGE EQUIPMENT (GROUP) CO.,LTD invested and constructed a cold storage project in Hangzhou Development Zone. Now the project is in operation and INFORM is responsible for cold chain operation services. The project includes cold storage, fresh-keeping storage, constant temperature storage, ordinary bonded storage and supporting facilities. It adopts fully-automated AS/RS equipment, providing intelligent cold chain warehousing and operations applicable to one-stop imported food logistics centers for refrigeration, cold storage logistics, processing, and distribution.

This project is located in the cross-border e-commerce park of Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, serving the needs of surrounding imported fresh, meat and aquatic products. The project integrates the Internet of Things, intelligence, informatization and automation. The total investment of the project is about 300 million RMB. The total construction scale is a low-temperature warehouse with a storage capacity of 12,000 tons and a cold storage warehouse with 8,000 tons. It covers an area of 30846.82 square meters, a floor area ratio of 1.85, and a building area of 38,000 square meters. It has one-stop logistics service functions such as quarantine, inspection, bonded, frozen, refrigerated storage, processing and distribution, which supports the inspection of 660 tons of goods and cold storage with nearly 12,000 tons at the same time, and meet the annual import meat business volume of 144,000 tons.

This project is divided into three cold storages and one room temperature storage:

The three cold storages have a total planning of 16,422 cargo spaces, by 10 lanes, 7 stackers (including 2 track-changing double-deep stackers), 4 two way radio shuttles, and conveying equipment, to realize automated inbound and outbound. The combined operation efficiency of the three warehouses exceeds 180 pallets/hour (in + out)

Room temperature warehouse: The general plan is 8138 cargo spaces, by 4 lanes, 4 stackers and conveying equipment, to realize automated inbound and outbound. The combined operation efficiency is 156 pallets/hour (in + out)

Pallet labels are all barcoded for information management, and external dimension detection and weighing are provided before storage to ensure safe inbound.