Light-duty Rack

  • Roller Track-Type Rack

    Roller Track-Type Rack

    The roller track-type rack is composed of roller track, roller, upright column, cross beam, tie rod, slide rail, roller table and some protective equipment components, conveying the goods from high end to low end through rollers with a certain height difference, and making the goods slide by their own gravity, so as to achieve the “first in first out (FIFO)” operations.

  • Beam-Type Rack

    Beam-Type Rack

    It consists of column sheets, beams and standard fittings.

  • Medium-Sized Type I Rack

    Medium-Sized Type I Rack

    It is mainly composed of column sheets, middle support and top support, cross beam, steel flooring deck, back & side meshes and so on. Boltless connection, being easy for assembly and disassembly (Only a rubber hammer is required for assembly/disassembly).

  • Medium-Sized Type II Rack

    Medium-Sized Type II Rack

    It is usually called as shelf-type rack, and is mainly composed of column sheets, beams and flooring decks. It is suitable for manual pickup conditions, and the load-carrying capacity of the rack is much higher than that of the medium-sized Type I rack.

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