Selective Pallet Racking

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1.Selective pallet racking is the simplest and most widely used type of racking, able to make full use of the space for heavy duty storage,

2.The main components include frame, beam and other accessories.

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Inform storage pallet rack

Product Analysis

Racking type: Selective pallet racking
Material: Q235/Q355 Steel Certificate CE, ISO
Size: customized Loading: 2000-4000kg per level
Surface treatment: powder coating/galvanized Color: RAL color code
Pitch 75mm Place of origin Nanjing, China
Application: with a variety of cargoes and large batch

① Features
◆Easy operation
Stored by pallet conveniently, it efficiently matches the forklift or reach truck for loading and unloading and greatly improves the work efficiency.

◆Fast installation
Constructed by simple components, selective pallet rack can be installed very fast. It also supports to be dismantled and moved to new position as per actual storage requirement.

◆High adaptability
Selective pallet rack is designed according to different pallet size and weight. It has high adaptability to various kinds of pallet.

Selective pallet rack is a typically cost-effective racking type because of its simple structure. Just with frame and beam, it's available to work. There are also other accessories adapted with the racking well, to realize better storage performance.

◆Full access to cargoes
Selective pallet rack is able to ensure 100% access to pallet. So, there is no strict requirement of cargo varieties for storage, and has no limitation on the inbound and outbound sequence.

②Simple structure
Frame is made from upright, H bracing, D bracing and footplate. We use superior quality steel material, and imported full-automatic upright production line which is able to ensure our racks high precision, good uniformity and quick production efficiency.

Inform storage selective pallet shelf

◆ Beam
Beam is classified into: box beam, single beam, step beam.

Inform storage selective pallet rackings

Step beam, is generally used with metal panel or wooden deck.

Box beam and single beam, are able to support pallet by themselves. There are accessories like pallet support bar and wire mesh, which are matched with box beam & single beam very well to improve safety of operation and storage.

Inform storage pallet shuttle rackingInform storage shuttle pallet racking

◆Wide ranges of accessories for option

accessory of Inform storage pallet rack

Project cases

Project of Inform storage selective pallet racking

Inform storage shuttle pallet rack

Inform storage pallet rackings Inform storage RMI CE certificate

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