• VNA Racking

    VNA Racking

    1. VNA(very narrow aisle) racking is a smart design to utilize warehouse high space adequately. It can be designed up to 15m high, while aisle width is only 1.6m-2m, increases storage capacity greatly.

    2. VNA is suggested to be equipped with guide rail on ground, to help reach truck moves inside of aisle safely, avoiding damage to racking unit.

  • Four-Way Radio Shuttle

    Four-Way Radio Shuttle

    1.Four-way radio shuttle is an intelligent equipment which is applied to pallet handling.

    2. Compact racking storage system in shuttle style could maximize the space utilization to store in high density, decrease cost and improve flexibility

    3. Four-way shuttle system, as a kind of fully automatic storage solution, realizes unmanned batch operation of palletized goods in 24 hours, suited to low flow and high density storage as well as high flow and high density storage. It is widely applied in different industries, such as garment, food and beverage, automobile, cold chain, tobacco, electricity and so on.

  • Multi Shuttle

    Multi Shuttle

    1.Multi Shuttle system consists of multi-tier racking, shuttle, conveyor in front of racking, lifter, pick-up station and software. Each level of the conveyor cooperates with shuttle and one shuttle could be allocated in one only or more levels. The lift at the end of aisle delivers the goods to conveyor.

    2. Multi Shuttle, as an efficient storage equipment for bins and cartons storage, is the best choice for order picking and replenishment of small goods, also can be used for temporary storage to support production line operations. It allows fast and accurate sort and pick, saving space and in flexibility.

    3. Goods are delivered to picking station through conveying equipment by quick and accurate sorting, to ensure high working efficiency. Multi Shuttle system is especially suitable for E-commerce industry and Automobile industry.

  • Radio Shuttle

    Radio Shuttle

    1. Radio Shuttle Rack System is an semi-automatic storage solution for industrial warehouse, using shuttle instead of forklift to store goods inside of racks. 2. As radio shuttle only retrieves the pallet at rack ends, it is suitable for less category and large batch goods, such as food, tobacco, freezer, beverage, pharmacy and etc. Generally, one lane is for only one category of goods

  • Teardrop Pallet Racking

    Teardrop Pallet Racking

    Teardrop pallet racking system is used for storing pallet packed products, by forklift operation. Main parts of the whole pallet racking include upright frames and beams, along with a wide range of accessories, like upright protector, aisle protector, pallet support, pallet stopper, wire decking, etc.

  • WMS (Warehouse Management Software)

    WMS (Warehouse Management Software)

    WMS is a set of refined warehouse management software combining the actual business scenarios and management experience of many domestic advanced enterprises.

  • Two Way Radio Shuttle System

    Two Way Radio Shuttle System

    1. Due to the continuous increase in domestic land costs and labor costs, as well as the huge increase in e-commerce’s massive product regulations and order requirements for warehouse efficiency, two-way radio shuttle system has attracted more attention of enterprises, its application becomes more and more extensive, and the market scale is bigger and bigger

    2. Two-way radio shuttle system is a major innovation in logistics equipment technology, and its core equipment is radio shuttle. With the gradual solution of key technologies such as batteries, communications, and networks, two-way radio shuttle system has been quickly applied to logistics systems. As a unique automated logistics system, it mainly solves the problems of dense storage and fast access.

  • Two Way Multi Shuttle System

    Two Way Multi Shuttle System

    The efficient and flexible combination of “two way multi shuttle + fast elevator + goods-to-person picking workstation” meets the requirements of customers for different inbound and outbound frequency. Equipped with WMS and WCS software independently developed by INFORM, it effectively optimizes the order picking sequence, and dispatches various automated equipment to achieve rapid warehousing, and can pick up to 1,000 goods per person per hour.

  • Four Way Multi Shuttle System

    Four Way Multi Shuttle System

    In recent years, logistics automation technology in the domestic and international auto parts industry has been rapidly developed and applied. Smart logistics solutions are widely used in warehousing, distribution, and sorting work scenarios, which have a positive effect on the flexibility, low cost, intelligence, and accuracy of warehousing.

  • Four Way Radio Shuttle System

    Four Way Radio Shuttle System

    Four-way radio shuttle system: a complete level of cargo location management (WMS) and equipment dispatching capability (WCS) can ensure the stable and efficient operation of the overall system. In order to avoid waiting for the operation of radio shuttle and elevator, a buffer conveyor line is designed between elevator and rack. Radio shuttle and elevator both transfer the pallets to the buffer conveyor line for transfer operations, thereby improving efficiency.

  • Shuttle Mover System

    Shuttle Mover System

    In recent years, shuttle mover system has developed into a flexible, easy-to-use, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new delivery equipment in logistics industry. Through the organic combination and reasonable application of shuttle mover + radio shuttle with dense warehouses, It can better adapt to the development and changing needs of enterprises.

  • Miniload ASRS System

    Miniload ASRS System

    Miniload stacker is mainly used in AS/RS warehouse. The storage units are usually as bins, with high dynamic values, advanced and energy-saving drive technology, which enables the customer’s small parts warehouse to achieve higher flexibility.

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