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1. Stacker crane is the most important equipment for AS/RS solutions. ROBOTECHLOG stacker crane is manufactured based on European leading technology, German standard manufacturing quality and 30+ years of manufacturing experience.

2. The solution is widely used in different applications, and ROBOTECHLOG has rich experience in the industries, like: 3C Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Cold-chain, New Energy, Tobacco and etc.

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On Sep.28, the signing ceremony of the equity transfer agreement between Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. and ROBOTECH Technologies Automation Company was successfully held in the Taoyang Hall of Taoxichuan International Trade Hotel.


ROBOTECH Technologies Automation Company is a branch of Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd.

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Top 3 Racking Suppler In China

The Only One A-share Listed Racking Manufacturer

1. NanJing Inform Storage Equipment Group,as a public listed state controlled enterprise, specialized in the logistic storage solution field since 1997( 26 years of experience).
2.  Core Business: Racking
Strategic Business:Automatic System Integration
Growing Business: Warehouse Operation Service
3.  Inform owns 6 factories, with over 1000 employees. Inform listed A-share on June 11, 2015, stock code: 603066, becoming the first listed company in Chinas warehousing industry.

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