Two Way Radio Shuttle System

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1. Due to the continuous increase in domestic land costs and labor costs, as well as the huge increase in e-commerce’s massive product regulations and order requirements for warehouse efficiency, two-way radio shuttle system has attracted more attention of enterprises, its application becomes more and more extensive, and the market scale is bigger and bigger

2. Two-way radio shuttle system is a major innovation in logistics equipment technology, and its core equipment is radio shuttle. With the gradual solution of key technologies such as batteries, communications, and networks, two-way radio shuttle system has been quickly applied to logistics systems. As a unique automated logistics system, it mainly solves the problems of dense storage and fast access.

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Two-Way Radio Shuttle is used with manual forklift to separate the goods storage and transportation: wireless remote controls radio shuttle to complete goods storage, and manual forklift completes goods transportation. Forklift is not required to drive into the racking, but only works at the racking end. Pallets are placed to the designated position by radio shuttle. Forklift operator can issue cargo storage instructions, also can terminate the actions being performed by radio shuttle, through wireless remote control. The first cargo space at entrance of racking is the position where forklift operates pallets, which can realize both FIFO and FILO.

Pallet inbound:


1) forklift carries radio shuttle to the designated lane          2) forklift carries pallet to the entrance, doesn't need to drive into the racking


3) radio shuttle carries pallet to the deepest position    4) radio shuttle comes back to the entrance, and carries next pallet until the lane is full

Pallet outbound: two-way radio shuttle performs the same operation in the reverse order.

Two-way radio shuttle system is mainly composed of mechanical system and electrical system. The mechanical part is composed of frame combination, jacking mechanism, limit wheel and walking mechanism, etc.; electrical system is mainly composed of PLC, servo drive system, low voltage electrical, sensor , remote control, button signal combination, battery power supply system, etc.

The system realizes the inbound and outbound handling, instead of conventional forklift operation method, and reduces manual labor intensity. Radio shuttle can be used with forklift, AGV, stackers and other equipment. It allows several radio shuttles running at the same time, to realize easy and efficient operation, suitable for all kinds of goods storage. It is a new type of dense storage system core equipment.