Racking & Shelving

  • T-Post Shelving

    T-Post Shelving

    1. T-post shelving is an economical and versatile shelving system, designed to store small and medium size of cargoes for manual access in wide ranges of applications.

    2. The main components include upright, side support, metal panel, panel clip and back bracing.

  • Push Back Racking

    Push Back Racking

    1. Push back racking mainly consists of frame, beam, support rail, support bar and loading carts.

    2. Support rail, set at a decline, realizing the top cart with pallet moving inside of lane when operator places pallet on the cart below.

  • Gravity Racking

    Gravity Racking

    1, Gravity racking system mainly consists of two components: static racking structure and dynamic flow rails.

    2, Dynamic flow rails are typically equipped with full width rollers, set at a decline along the length of the rack. With the aid of gravity, pallet flows from the loading end to the unloading end, and safely controlled by brakes.

  • Carton Flow Racking

    Carton Flow Racking

    Carton flow racking, equipped with slight inclined roller, allows carton to flow from higher loading side to lower retrieval side. It saves warehouse space by eliminating walkways and increases picking speeds and productivity.

  • Drive In Racking

    Drive In Racking

    1. Drive in, as its name, requires forklift drives inside of racking to operate pallets. With the help of guide rail, forklift is able to move freely inside of racking.

    2. Drive in is a cost-effective solution to high-density storage, which enables the highest use of available space.

  • Shuttle Racking

    Shuttle Racking

    1. Shuttle racking system is a semi-automated, high-density pallet storage solution, working with radio shuttle cart and forklift.

    2. With a remote control, operator can request radio shuttle cart to load and unload pallet to requested position easily and quickly.

  • VNA Racking

    VNA Racking

    1. VNA(very narrow aisle) racking is a smart design to utilize warehouse high space adequately. It can be designed up to 15m high, while aisle width is only 1.6m-2m, increases storage capacity greatly.

    2. VNA is suggested to be equipped with guide rail on ground, to help reach truck moves inside of aisle safely, avoiding damage to racking unit.

  • Teardrop Pallet Racking

    Teardrop Pallet Racking

    Teardrop pallet racking system is used for storing pallet packed products, by forklift operation. Main parts of the whole pallet racking include upright frames and beams, along with a wide range of accessories, like upright protector, aisle protector, pallet support, pallet stopper, wire decking, etc.

  • ASRS+Radio Shuttle System

    ASRS+Radio Shuttle System

    AS/RS + Radio shuttle system is suitable for machinery, metallurgy, chemical, aerospace, electronics, medicine, food processing, tobacco, printing, auto parts, etc, also suitable for distribution centers, large-scale logistics supply chains, airports, ports, also military material warehouses, and training rooms for logistics professionals in colleges and universities.

  • New Energy Racking

    New Energy Racking

    New energy racking,which is used for static storage of battery cells in the battery cell production line of battery factories, and the storage period is generally not more than 24 hours.

    Vehicle: bin. The weight is generally less than 200kg.

  • ASRS  Racking

    ASRS Racking

    1. AS/RS(Automated Storage and Retrieval System) refers to a variety of computer-controlled methods for automatically placing and retrieving loads from specific storage locations.

    2.An AS/RS environment would encompass many of the following technologies: racking, stacker crane, horizontal movement mechanism, lifting device, picking fork, inbound & outbound system, AGV, and other related equipments. It is integrated with a warehouse control software (WCS), warehouse management software (WMS), or other software system.

  • Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever Racking

    1. Cantilever is a simple structure, composed of upright, arm, arm stopper, base and bracing, can be assembled as single side or double side.

    2. Cantilever is wide-open access at the front of the rack, especially ideal for long and bulky items such as pipes, tubing, timber and furniture.

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