Case丨Intelligent Warehousing System for Auto Parts Industry


1. Project Overview

This project adopts Miniload storage system with a height of nearly 8 meters. The overall plan is 2 lanes, 2 Miniload stacker cranes, 1 WCS+WMS system, and 1 goods-to-person conveying system. There are more than 3,000 cargo spaces in total, and the system’s operating capacity: 50 bins/hour for a single aisle.


2. Project Advantages and Emergency Failure Solutions


1) There are many types of SKUs to achieve precise selection

This automobile spare parts library has a wide variety of SKUs, and the WMS system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of order processing;

2) It can be out of the warehouse directly at random, no needed to shift goods in warehouse

This project has relatively high requirements for the outbound. The single-depth miniload system solution can realize the function of random outbound, without the need to shift goods in warehouse, and greatly reduce the response time of spare parts out of the warehouse;

3) Human and machine are isolated from each other

Physically isolate operating equipment from people through isolation nets, safety door locks and other equipment to ensure the safety of people and equipment.

Emergency fault solution:

1) Equipped with a generator room, the equipment will not shut down when an emergency power failure occurs in the warehouse;

2) Equipped with a picking platform. When the system equipment cannot be normally shipped out of the warehouse, manual picking can be done through the picking platform to meet the normal supply of spare parts.


3.  Miniload System

Miniload system advantages:

1) High work efficiency

The maximum operating speed of the Miniload stacker crane in this project can reach 120m/min, which can complete the warehouse operation in a short time;

2) Increase warehouse utilization

The Miniload stacker crane has a small size and can operate in a narrow lane. It is also suitable for high-rise racking operations and greatly improves the utilization rate of the warehouse;

3)High degree of automation

The Miniload system can be controlled remotely, without manual intervention in the operation process, with high degree of automation and efficient management;

4) Good stability

Miniload system has high reliability and stability.

The Miniload system solution of Nanjing Inform Storage Group successfully assisted the auto company to upgrade the automatic storage system, solved the problems of customers’ tight storage area and low storage efficiency, and realized lean management on storage. Nanjing Inform Storage Group is committed to providing good solutions for major enterprises and factories!


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