New Year Speech, A New Start


The extraordinary 2021 has passed, and the brand new 2022 is full of infinite possibilities! On this occasion, our company would like to extend our sincere blessings to friends from all walks of life, people inside and outside the industry, new and old customers who have always cared about and supported the development of Inform Storage: “Wish you have the magnificent time in 2022, and move forward with dreams”.

1.Build a solid foundation and gain momentum
With the rapid development of emerging technologies, a new round of core technology competition is imminent. Shaping a corporate culture that adapts to the market environment is the key to cultivating corporate core competitiveness and creativity.

In early 2021, Inform Storage put forward the concept of “customer-centric, value creation as its own responsibility, result-oriented, continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence” to reshape corporate values in the era of smart logistics. At the same time, in terms of organizational structure and system management, continuous optimization and adjustment have been made to lay a solid foundation for the sustained and rapid development of Inform Storage.
Keywords: consolidate cultural soil; optimize organizational structure, refined management


2.Integration and innovation, technology-driven
In 2021, Inform storage smart logistics robots and smart software have achieved outstanding results, cutting-edge technologies have been widely used, and innovative research and development capabilities have been significantly improved. Driven by technological innovation, continue to lead the development of the industry.

In April, the “Industrial-grade 5G+Intelligent Handling Robot” demonstration platform was completed in the Inform Storage Laboratory. The platform was jointly built by the “Chinese Academy of Sciences Computing Institute, sylincom, International Industrial 5G Innovation Alliance, and Inform Storage”.

In May, Inform storage intelligent logistics robot made a breakthrough again. The third-generation four-way radio shuttle for pallet adopts a better structure and modular design, which is thinner, more stable, lighter and faster, and its performance is improved by 10%. With the third-generation control system independently developed by Inform, it can accurately transport each pallet of materials.

In October, Inform Storage officially released the “Eagle Eye” 3D intelligent monitoring platform and the “Shennong” equipment monitoring service platform during the Shanghai Hannover Exhibition, marking the beginning of the full-speed advancement of Inform’s digital twins, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology achievements in the field of intelligent storage, and began to implement.

Keywords: Frontier technologies are widely used, and R&D and innovation capabilities have been significantly improved


3.Open up territory and reconstruct the future
In September 2021, Inform Storage announced the acquisition of Robotech, marking a new starting point for Inform Storage to fully develop all kinds of automation equipment manufacturing. The two parties learn from each other’s strengths, leverage their respective advantages in technology, products, resources, and talents, and constantly adapt to market changes and service needs, laying the foundation for the realization of a domestic first-class enterprise. In December of the same year, Inform Storage and Robotech made its debut at the Ninth Smart Logistics Industry Development Conference in Suzhou, and the two parties cooperated closely to develop in-depth.

Up to now, Inform has 5 smart factories and 2 more factories are under construction. In addition to Thailand’s preparations, the Jingdezhen factory is also under construction.
Keywords: optimizing product structure, releasing production capacity, global market layout


4.Full speed ahead 2022
In 2021, we have been sweating, pioneering and enterprising, and every achievement is hard-won; we innovate, build solid, and gather strength.

2022, full speed ahead
In the smart logistics ecosystem and industrial chain, Inform Storage is willing to work with everyone to achieve a win-win situation, to give full play to their respective advantages, and to write a magnificent new chapter for the development of the industry!



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