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With its profound background in the field of automation and intelligence, Nanjing Inform Group provides Nenter & Co., Inc. with a solution for AS/RS solution in track stacker crane + shuttle, assisting customers to optimize the automatic storage system, achieve high space utilization, fast storing and retrieving.


Project Overview

The size of Nenter warehouse is 71.8m long * 20.6m wide * 15m high, with a total area of 1480 square meters. Considering that the products are mainly based on paper-plastic packaging bags stacked on pallets, the finished product type is single, and the efficiency requirements for inbound and outbound storage are not very high. In the early stage of design, the customer planned to use ordinary shuttle car racks. Through planning and design, the total pallet position is 2300 pallets, which cannot meet the company’s requirements for storage capacity. After the planning engineer of Nanjing Inform Group entered the site for investigation, it is recommended to make full use of the height space and adopt the AS/RS form in stacker crane + shuttle, so that the total pallet position can reach 3,780, and the space utilization rate is increased by 63%. It has also been upgraded from a traditional warehouse to an AS/RS, which ensures the informatization of its product storage and makes the product information traceable during the storage stage.

The layout of the warehouse design is as follows:

Stacker Crane + Shuttle System


The automated compact warehouse in the form of stacker crane + shuttle takes advantage of the characteristics that the stacker crane runs in the front and back, up and down directions in the main lane, and the shuttle runs in the sub lanes. The two equipments are dispatched and coordinated by Nanjing Inform Group WCS software to complete the goods pick and place.

The products after automatic stacking are sent to the inbound area of AS/RS warehouse through the conveyor line. The stacker crane takes the pallets and places them at the end of the lane allocated by Nanjing Inform Group’s WMS software. The shuttle transports the goods to the other end of the lane, and the same batch of products are stored in the same lane. When leaving the warehouse, the shuttle moves the designated goods to the port of the sub aisle, and the stacker crane takes the goods by forks, places them on the outbound conveying line, and then forklift picks them up for delivery.

Function introduction of stacker crane + shuttle system:

☆ Receipt – can accept various materials and semi-finished products from suppliers or production workshops;
☆ Inventory – store the unloaded goods to the location specified by the automated system;
☆ Picking up – According to the demand, the goods required by the customer are obtained from the warehouse, often using a first-in, first-out (FIFO) method;
☆ Delivery – deliver the goods to the customer as required;
☆ Information query – can query the relevant information of the warehouse at any time, including inventory information, job information and other information.
Advantages: high-level shelf storage, saving inventory floor space and improving space utilization. At present, the highest AS/RS warehouse in the world has reached 50m, and the storage capacity per unit area can reach 7.5t/㎡, which is 5-6 times that of ordinary warehouses. The automatic access operation and processing speed are fast, and at the same time, it can be easily incorporated into the material system of the enterprise. Controlled by computer, it is easy to count and inventory, and reduce inventory reasonably.

This system is suitable for machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace, electronics, medicine, food processing, tobacco, printing, auto parts, distribution centers, large logistics supply chains, airports, ports, etc. There are also military material warehouses and logistics professional training rooms in colleges and universities.


Project Strength

Stacker crane + shuttle AS/RS warehouse:
① Fully automated process can be implemented to improve work efficiency and greatly reduce working time;
② Good safety, reduce forklift collisions;
③ High-density storage, the utilization rate of the warehouse is 20% higher than that of the roadway stacker warehouse;
④ Economical, the investment is less than that of the roadway stacker warehouse;
⑤ The operation method is flexible.


In this project, due to the high stacking height of the customer’s finished products, including the highest pallet height of 2600mm, it belongs to high stacking, which puts forward extremely high requirements on the quality of the shelf uprights. At the same time, the flatness of the bottom surface of the customer’s warehouse is very different, and the maximum deviation reaches 100mm, which is an extremely difficult construction project. Nanjing Inform Group adhered to the principle of providing reasonable design and high-quality products, and successfully completed the construction and acceptance of the project.


Nanjing Inform Group’s stacker crane + shuttle solution has successfully assisted Nenter to upgrade its automatic storage system, solved the problems of customer’s shortage of storage area and low efficiency of in and out, thus improved market competitiveness. Provide the perfect solution for enterprises and factories using automatic storage systems.




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