2021 China (Jiangsu) International Cold Chain Industry Expo CICE


On May 20, 2021, China (Jiangsu) International Cold Chain Industry Expo CICE grandly opened at Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Nearly 100 cold chain industry companies from all over the country gathered here to participate in the grand event.  NANJING INFORM STORAGE EQUIPMENT (GROUP) CO.,LTD participated with intelligent storage equipment and solutions.

Booth: Nanjing International Exhibition Center D Hall V5

Address: No. 88 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

Exhibits: Four way radio shuttle

INFORM four-way radio shuttle is an intelligent logistics handling robot. With its advanced motion control algorithm, positioning technology, intelligent dispatching system and efficient operation, it is popular in the market. With the flexible solution of intelligent warehousing, it can effectively improve the utilization of storage space, reduce warehouse investment costs and labor costs, improve production efficiency, and increase corporate benefits; at present, it has been widely used in multiple application scenarios in various industries.

In terms of the cold chain industry, the specific advantages are as follows:

1. Multi-dimensional movement, four-way driving, cross-lane operation, layer change operation, flexible operation in the cold storage warehouse;

2. Low temperature environment, advanced technology and intelligent software WMS, WCS system guarantee efficient and stable operation;

3. It can automatically monitor, display, record, control, and alarm for the cold storage inventory;

4. Automated digital and intelligent operations, improve efficiency, and reduce harm to the human body in harsh environments;

Cold chain industry project case

With advanced technical strength and system solutions in the field of intelligent warehousing, INFORM has helped cold chain enterprises to upgrade their warehousing and logistics data intelligence; in recent years, INFORM has cooperated with many well-known cold chain companies such as COFCO Meat, Yili, Haitian, Shuanghe, Harbin Pharmaceutical, etc. In addition, an one-stop intelligent warehousing cold chain project invested and operated by INFORM has landed in Hangzhou, which has also accumulated deep experience in the development of warehousing, subject research, and research in the cold chain industry.