Inform Shuttle & Stacker Crane Compact Storage System


Inform Shuttle & Stacker Crane compact storage system uses mature stacker crane technology, combined with advanced shuttle board functions. By increasing the depth of the lane in system, it reduces the quantity of stacker cranes, and realizes the function of compact storage.


Stacker crane is important lifting and stacking equipment in automated storage project. rail bound stacker crane is mainly composed of machine body (including column, upper beam, lower beam), cargo platform, horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, fork mechanism and electrical control device. It can run back and forth in the lane of the automated warehouse to realize three-axis movement and thus the storage of goods.


System advantages


a. High working efficiency, reducing working time;


b. The storage density is high, and the warehouse utilization rate is 30% higher than that of the lane type stacker crane warehouse;


c. The operation method is flexible, which can increase the lane depth of the shuttle pallet car and reduce the number of stacker cranes to achieve compact storage;


d. By increasing the number of shuttles, it will solve the tight operation of in and out of the warehouse at peaks and troughs;


Realize unmanned warehouse operations through WMS management and WCS scheduling, and automatic data backup to ensure consistent accounts.


System topology diagram

Post time: Aug-18-2021

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