An Interview from Inform Storage about the Four way Radio Shuttle Technology


Inform Storage four way radio shuttle system

The four way radio shuttle system has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, automation, and intelligence. Based on the development of shuttle technology, the functions of the four way radio shuttle system are also constantly extending, and it shows a trend of flexible, intelligent, and cost-effective technological development. The application scope is constantly expanding, and the market prospects are broad.”

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As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the research and development and production of shuttle equipment, Inform Storage launched independently developed shuttle products as early as 2015. So far, its shuttle products have covered different series such as shuttle mover , multi shuttle, four way multi shuttle,radio shuttle, four way radio shuttle, attic shuttle, etc.

Reporter: Why did Inform Storage initially develop and produce four way radio shuttles? What are your company’s strengths?

Inform Storage: The purpose of developing and producing four way radio shuttles by Inform Storage is mainly to solve the technical bottleneck of traditional multi shuttle systems.

With the development of technology, the intelligence level of shuttles has greatly improved, enabling them to achieve functions such as autonomous navigation, intelligent recognition, and automated operation, and shuttle’s applications have become more widespread.

Inform Storage four way pallet shuttle
The third-generation four way radio shuttle products stored by Inform Storage

Reporter: Please analyze the current market size, supplier types, and characteristics of four way radio shuttle.

Inform Storage: Currently, the market size of four way radio shuttles is gradually expanding. Due to its high efficiency, flexibility, automation, and intelligence, the four way radio shuttle system has been widely used in warehousing and logistics in many fields such as e-commerce and medicine.

Reporter: What is the current development status of the four way shuttle radio system in the global market? What level is China at?

Inform Storage: The four way radio shuttle system, as an efficient material handling solution, is showing a steady growth trend in the global market.

As far as the Chinese market is concerned, on the one hand, the research and production of the four way radio shuttle system has already gained certain strength, and on the other hand, the demand for such systems in the domestic market is also showing a rapid growth trend. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, its development will become even more rapid.

Inform storage stacker crane system
The four way radio shuttle system can adapt to various complex warehouse structures

Reporter: How do you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the four way radio shuttle system? What key factors need to be emphasized in order to successfully implement system projects?

Inform Storage: The core evaluation indicators for the quality of four way radio shuttle products include storage capacity, reliability, configuration of peripheral equipment, convenience, efficiency, etc.

Related factors include:
1.Product performance and quality:
2.Software development and integration:
3.Project management and execution:
4.Experience and professional knowledge:
5. Customer service and support:

Reporter: What do you think are the technological development directions of the four way radio shuttle system?

Inform Storage: We believe that the technological development trend of the four way radio shuttle system is mainly reflected in three aspects: flexibility, intelligence, and high cost-effectiveness.

Inform storage asrs four way shuttle system
Shuttles can achieve level changing operations through lifters

Reporter: How does Inform Storage view the technological development trend in the field of intelligent warehousing? What further expansion plans does the company have in the future?

Inform Storage: The technological development trend in the field of intelligent warehousing mainly manifests in the following aspects.
1. Continuously improving intelligent technology;
2. Data management has become mainstream

In response to the above trends, the technology expansion plan for Inform Storage includes:
(1) Further research and develop more intelligent warehousing management systems to improve warehousing efficiency and quality;
(2) Strengthen the application of Internet of Things technology to achieve comprehensive perception and real-time monitoring of items in warehouses;
(3) Promote the application of big data and artificial intelligence technology to achieve intelligent decision-making and analysis of warehousing and logistics;
(4) Explore the application of new energy technology in the field of warehousing and logistics, and improve the operational efficiency and environmental performance of warehouses.




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