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Zhejiang Supor, one of the well-known brands in kitchen appliances industry of China. During its rapid development in recent years, problems such as slow response, low efficiency, and low storage utilization on the storage system have gradually emerged, which cannot meet the current rapid business development needs. Based on this, Inform Company combines the characteristics of industry of the small household appliance and the needs of enterprises to provide a set of intelligent storage system solutions tailored to realize the goods from inbound, storage, to distribution, logistics traceability, real-time monitoring and management of the entire process, etc. The function greatly improves the storage efficiency.

The project is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang in China, with a warehouse area of 28,000 square meters. It adopts the radio shuttle system. The plan is planned to have 4 layers of shelves, a total of 21,104 pallet position, 20 radio shuttle for pallet, and 3 sets of charging cabinets. The flexible scheme design can meet the upgrading and transformation of automated compact warehouse storage in the later term.


1.   Scope of supply

Shuttle racking system 1 set

Radio shuttle for pallet20 sets

Charging cabinets3 sets


2.   Technical parameters

Shuttle racking system

Racking type: radio shuttle racking for pallet

Pallet size: W1200×D1200×H1000mm

Number of cargo spaces: 21,104 Pallet Positions


Radio shuttle

Speed: no load: 60m/min, full load: 48m/min

Acceleration: ≤0.3m/S2

Maximum load: 1000kg


Charging cabinet

Size W*D*H: 592×860×1028mm

Charging station: 4 stations



3.  Efficiency improvement

Efficiency increased by 20%-30%

30% increase in inventory


4.   Case pictures




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