Attic shuttle system solution


Solution configuration

Attic shuttle,  multi-tier types helving, and intelligent AGV conveyor lines realize the integrated process of inbound, storage, sorting and outbound.

To solve

The problems of low storage space utilization, time-consuming picking, and low work efficiency


It is suitable for low space layout, the best economical choice for storage, picking and replenishment operations of multi categories of small commodities.

Applicable industry

Retail, shoes and garment, 3C industry, cold chain industry

Performance Specification

Speed (X axis): 240M/MIN

Acceleration (X axis): 4M/S²

Lifting speed (Y axis): 0.7M/S

Lifting acceleration (Y axis): 0.7M/ S²



There is no top rail and ground rail, and the structure of shelving is simple, then the deployment is fast;

Low requirements on warehouse building pattern, warehouse floor height, floor bearing capacity, etc.;

Three control modes;

Fast speed and high cost performance



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Post time: Sep-16-2021

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