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1. Scope of supply

•Shuttle racking system      1 set

• Four-way radio shuttle     6 sets

• Lifting machine                  4 sets

• Conveyor system                1 set


2. Technical parameters

• Shuttle racking system

Racking type: Four-way radio shuttle rack

Material box size: W1200×D1200×H2000/1500/1300/1000

Load: 1200kg (including pallet)

Number of goods: 7688 pallet positions


Four-way radio shuttle

Maximum speed: 60m/min

Acceleration: 3m/s²

Maximum load: 1200kg

Positioning accuracy: ±5mm


Lifting machine

Speed: 48m/min

Load: 1200kg


Conveyor system

Including: chain conveyor, roller conveyor

Speed: 12m/min

Load: 1200kg


3. Operational ability

• Warehousing system 100 boxes/hour (out + in)

• Compact storage, inventory rate increased by 30%


4. Case pictures


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