Digital Endowment Accelerates Development — Inform Storage Participated in the 2021 Global Smart Logistics Industry Leaders Summit and Won 3 Awards


On January 13, 2022, the “2021 Global Smart Logistics Industry Leaders Summit” was successfully held in Nanjing, Jiangsu!

Jin Yueyue, general manager of Inform Storage, was invited to attend and discuss the development of smart logistics industry with experts and industry enterprises!


The theme of the conference is “Digitally Deep Cultivation, Inclusive Coexistence”. Professor Wu Qingyi, the leader of China’s logistics and the founder of unitized logistics, delivered a speech, and Mr. Wang Jixiang, vice president of China Association of Warehousing and Distribution, and other logistics experts delivered keynote speeches on “Logistics Trends” and “Digital Supply Chain”!

1.Digital endowment to development, to be a century enterprise

Jin Yueyue, general manager of Inform Storage, said: “At present, emerging technologies are developing rapidly, and digital and intelligent technology has become a factor endowment for enterprises to enter a new stage of development. In fact, it is still how to innovation drive, so that enterprises can continuously improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs!”

Jin Yueyue said: “The era have given Inform Storage an opportunity to develop; the innovative spirit, corporate culture, and scientific management model are all the precious assets of our company! The vision of Inform Storage is to be a century enterprise! In this process, Inform is willing to contribute to the development of the industry.”

General Manager of Inform Storage: Jin Yueyue

2.Well deserved, Inform won 3 awards

Inform Storage won the “2021 Smart Logistics Industry Strength Brand Award”, “2021 Smart Logistics Industry Excellent Case Award”, and Jin Yueyue, General Manager of Inform Storage, won the “2021 China Smart Logistics Industry Leader Award” personal honor, a total of 3 awards, real to the name.

2021 Smart Logistics Industry Strength Brand Award