Good News– “Golden Smart Award” 2021 JRJ Listed Company Value Selection Results Announced, Inform Storage Won the China Listed Company Outstanding Innovation Efficiency Award


The JRJ reported on December 24 that the “Golden Smart Award” 2021 JRJ listed company value selection results were officially announced, Inform Storage and other nine companies won the China Listed Company Outstanding Innovation Efficiency Award.

It is reported that the 2021 China Listed Companies Outstanding Innovation Efficiency Award aims to commend listed companies with outstanding performance in independent innovation and efficiency improvement. The award mainly conducts professional evaluation from multiple dimensions of the company’s technological innovation capabilities, R&D cycle, and R&D investment efficiency. It combines low debt-to-assets ratio, intellectual property rights, return on total assets, return on net assets, and profit margins of costs and expenses, and recognize the listed companies with outstanding performance.

In recent years, Inform Storage’s “N+1+N” strategy has been steadily advancing, and innovation capabilities and R&D investment have been increasing year by year; in particular, the first phase of the Maanshan Smart Factory has been put into production, and the production capacity has been greatly released, and the quality and efficiency have been improved significantly. It is undoubtedly the corporate representative of China’s intelligent, digital, and smart practitioners.

In 2021, Inform Storage has excellent performance in independent research and development and improvement of quality and efficiency: Independent research and development include another breakthrough in intelligent logistics robots, the third-generation four-way radio shuttle for pallet, adopting a better structural modular design, and an overall performance increase of 10%. With the third-generation control system independently developed by Inform, it can accurately transport every a pallet of materials.

In terms of smart software, Inform Storage officially released the “Eagle Eye” 3D intelligent monitoring platform and the “Shennong” equipment monitoring service platform, marking that the digital twin, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technological achievements of Inform have begun to advance in the field of intelligent storage at full speed and develop rapidly. Specifically, “Eagle Eye” has a powerful 3D visualization function, which can monitor the whole process of cargo transportation and equipment operation in real time, and has an emergency alarm mechanism. The “Shennong” monitoring platform collects equipment data information in real time, performs predictive analysis, reports faults, and automatically generates optimized maintenance plans.

At present, it is the critical time when China’s economy is moving towards a new development pattern of “big cycle” and “dual cycle”. The JRJ hopes that through the establishment of this award, more listed companies will pay more attention to independent innovation and go further on the road of high-quality development.


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Post time: Dec-30-2021

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