How can the Multi Shuttle Automated Warehouse System Help the Development of the Raw Meat Food Industry?


The Fuyang TECH-BANK annual production of 5 million pigs slaughtering and deep processing project is the first integrated base built by TECH-BANK Food from seed sources to dining tables. As the largest pig slaughtering and processing project in Fuyang City, it carries an important mission of meeting the local pork market demand.

The automated warehouse project covers an area of 350 acres, with a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan and a construction area of approximately 110000 square meters. It includes the main construction contents of a slaughterhouse, a comprehensive slaughterhouse, a by-product automated warehouse, a segmented meat automated warehouse, and a meat food processing workshop. It adopts world advanced slaughtering equipment, process technology, and digital and intelligent management systems, and is committed to building a modern chemical plant.

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    – Efficient multi shuttle automated warehouse system
    – Automated warehouse system
    – 33 multi shuttles
    – 3 level changing lifters
    – 6 bin lifters
    – 84 outbound inter level conveyors
    – 84 inbound inter level conveyors
    – 84 sets of blocking mechanisms

TECH-BANK has partnered with strength integrator RIAMB and professional equipment provider ROBOTECH to jointly create an efficient, low consumption, and green automated warehouse.

ROBOTECH has designed an efficient multi shuttle automated warehouse system for TECH-BANK. The automated warehouse system is equipped with 33 multi shuttles, 3 level changing lifters, 6 bin lifters, 84 outbound inter level conveyors, 84 inbound inter level conveyors, and 84 sets of blocking mechanisms. In addition, a complete set of supporting charging systems and multi threading scheduling systems are provided to ensure the safe, stable, and reliable operation of the warehouse. This multi shuttle automated warehouse system can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of picking, handling, and storage, helping TECH-BANK achieve ultra-low energy consumption and ultra long preservation management results.

Inform storage multi shuttle system

Compared to traditional stacker crane equipment, which requires reserved storage and retrieval space for each cargo, this project uses a multi shuttle combined with a lifter to minimize a large amount of non storage space, achieve the highest density of storage, and save more than 20% of storage capacity. In the context of high operating costs in fresh warehouse construction, doubling storage capacity has extremely high economic value.

Core advantages of the automated warehouse project:
1.Highly automated and intelligent: A precise and efficient storage and operation system has been constructed using automated equipment such as multi shuttles, bin lifters, conveyors, and level changing lifters. This not only ensures the stability and safety of the homework, but also pushes efficiency to new heights.

2.Powerful scheduling and monitoring capabilities: Through the WCS scheduling and monitoring system, the automated warehouse project has achieved collaborative operation of multiple devices. This not only meets the needs of various complex small batch, multi batch, high-density, and high-efficiency turnover operations, but also achieves “first in, first out” management of any location through intelligent devices such as lifters, ensuring the accuracy of inventory.

3.Optimizing human resource allocation: Compared with traditional fresh warehouse management methods, this automated warehouse project greatly reduces the number and workload of on-site operators. Through highly automated systems, only a few system operators are needed on site, which not only greatly reduces labor costs but also significantly improves the comfort and safety of personnel operations.

Inform storage automated warehouse system

The successful construction of the automated warehouse in this project is another outstanding achievement in the application of ROBOTECH’s automation technology.

With advanced automated warehouse equipment and systems, TECH-BANK has achieved efficient and accurate storage and picking operations. The on-time delivery rate for warehouse operations is as high as 100%, with an accuracy rate of 99.5%, and the warehouse wear rate is reduced to around 3%. This outstanding performance not only demonstrates ROBOTECH’s leading strength in the field of automation, but also provides strong support for TECH-BANK in terms of operational efficiency and cost control. At the same time, this has injected new vitality into the fresh food industry towards efficient, low-carbon, and green development, effectively promoting the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry.





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