How did Inform Storage Obtain the Title of Excellent Private Enterprise in Nanjing?


The Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a private economic development conference. Zhang Jinghua, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting, and Mayor Lan Shaomin made a report. At the meeting, Inform Storage was commended as an excellent private enterprise in Nanjing by the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. This is another major government honor that Inform Storage has won after “Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise”, “Nanjing Famous Brand Product” and “International Famous Brand Focused on Cultivation and Development in Jiangsu Province”.

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This economic development conference is aimed at a group of outstanding private enterprises that have emerged in the process of economic development in Nanjing with strong innovation capabilities, rapid growth in scale benefits, and great social contributions. And a large number of outstanding private entrepreneurs with firm confidence, focus on industry, and courage to innovate to commend them, fully affirming their remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions. Inform Storage, lived up to expectations and won awards.

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The development strategy of Nanjing Inform Storage Group: “racking (core business) + automation system integration (strategic business) + warehousing operation service (emerging business)”.

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Automation system integration business: As the company’s strategic business, in terms of products, the company’s existing shuttle mover system, four-way shuttle technology, multi shuttle technology, ground light AGV technology, ground heavy AGV technology, goods-to-person picking system, WMS (warehouse management system) software, WCS (equipment control software) system and other advanced technologies, as well as the recently developed rotating racking system, four-way multi shuttle, four-way radio shuttle, attic shuttle, shuttle mover,etc.

Warehousing operation services: As an emerging business, the company will speed up its business layout and continue to implement projects. The business industry covers cold chain, professional clothing market, professional auto parts market, cross-border e-commerce, etc. In order to ensure the stability and progress of operation services, the business model is direct investment + joint venture direct customers to establish a light asset operation company, on the one hand to obtain service income, on the other hand to drive the company’s automation integration business sales and integration technology improvement.

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