How does Shuttle and Shuttle Mover System Work in Cold Warehouse?


1.Project overview

  – Cold warehouse:-20 degrees.
  – 3 types of pallets.
  – 2 pallet sizes:1075 * 1075 * 1250mm ; 1200 * 1000 * 1250mm.
  – 1T.
  – A total of 4630 pallets.
  – 10 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers.
  – 3 lifters.


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2.Advantages of shuttle and shuttle mover system
System functions:
• The longitudinally moving shuttle, the transversely moving shuttle mover, and the vertically moving vertical conveyor constitute a shuttle mover system;
• Through the modular combination of unit equipment, the storing and retrieval of goods can be realized;
• Manage and schedule via WMS and WCS software.

System strengths:
• It can realize fully automatic unmanned 24-hour operation;
• The shuttle mover can change levels, greatly improving the flexibility of the system;
• The movements in the three directions are completely independent, which can maximize the system efficiency;
• The system is highly scalable, and by increasing the number of shuttles and shuttle movers, it can solve the operations of inbound and outbound during peak and valley;
• The high consistency of logistics and information flow is realized through WMS management and WCS scheduling.

Inform storage shuttle mover 5

3.Project benefits
1). Flexible and flexible operation
Unique technology, the shuttle mover can realize the level change function.
2). Good scalability
It can be adapted to multiple shuttle operations to improve the efficiency of pallet turnover.
3). Cost saving
Reasonable use of storage space, saving more operating costs, with high cost performance.
4). High safety, less damage to racking and goods
Compared with traditional pallet racks, there is no need for forklifts to drive into the racking lanes, reducing human accidents and the racking will not be damaged.

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