How does the BULL Stacker Crane Start the Intelligent Storage of Heavy Loads?


Bull series stacker crane is the ideal equipment for handling heavy objects weighing more than 10 tons. This type of stacker crane has the characteristics of high reliability and high load capacity. With the flexible fork units for handling a variety of goods, it mainly provides solutions for pallet storage.


Product Parameter

1. Strong

  • Load up to 15,000kg;
  • Installation height up to 25m;
  • Compatible with heights and high loads;
  • Demonstrates the perfect combination of engineering design and pallet stacking technology.

2. Reliable

  • Using frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric address recognition or laser ranging address recognition, it has the characteristics of good speed regulation performance and high parking accuracy;
  • The electrical control mode has manual, off-line automatic, and online automatic control, which can be selected arbitrarily;
  • The safety sliding contact line is used to connect the power supply to the power transmission device, which is safe and reliable;
  • The safety protection device is reliable and complete;
  • It can be used in combination with high-rise shelves, in-out storage platforms or in-out storage systems and other equipment, and can perform repeated movements in a three-dimensional space (walking, lifting, and stretching on both sides) according to a certain sequence. In order to complete the handling operations of the palletized unit or picked goods for in and out of warehouse.

3. Sturdy


  • Compact structure, good stability, and fully consider the requirements of ergonomics;
  • The anti-rolling device is installed on the cargo platform, and controlled by electric cylinder and electrical switch, the position can be adjusted automatically according to the size of the cargo to prevent the cargo from rolling to the greatest extent;
  • For coiled goods, a high-rigidity V-shaped fork is designed and developed;
  • The metal structure of the fuselage adopts CO2 gas shielded welding and high-strength bolt connection.

Application scenario


In addition to being used in automatic storage of special steel finished coils (over-heavy load places), it can also be used in other heavy-duty industries (except clean warehouses).

At present, the bull series stacker crane system has been widely used. Help customers in heavy-load scenarios achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the whole process through the intelligent upgrade of logistics and warehousing.



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Post time: Apr-16-2022

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