How does the Inform Storage Four Way Radio Shuttle Assist in the Development of the Clothing Industry?


1.Customer Introduction
Huacheng Group is a private enterprise in the new era that puts people first, takes sincerity as its root, takes excellent traditional Chinese culture as its source, and shoulders social responsibility.

Inform storage project 1

2.Project overview

  - 21000 cubic meters & 3.75 million pieces & 400000 pieces of clothing
  – Four way shuttle compact storage system
  – 3 levels & 4 lanes
  – 2 four way shuttles
  – 1 set of inbound and outbound conveying equipment
  – 1 set of vertical conveyor
  – Four way shuttles
  – WCS system & WMS system

The total area of compact storage is 21000 cubic meters, with a maximum storage capacity of 3.75 million pieces of clothing, and a planned daily throughput capacity of 400000 pieces of clothing.

 Inform storage four way radio shuttle 2

The automated warehouse uses advanced modern logistics equipment, including four way radio shuttle system, logistics management system (WMS), conveying system, vertical lifting system, etc., committed to building the warehouse into a comprehensive intelligent warehouse that integrates informatization, automation, and intelligence.

Inform storage four way radio shuttle system 3

In this plan, a four way shuttle compact storage system is adopted, with 3 levels. The overall plan includes 4 lanes, 2 four way shuttles, 1 set of inbound and outbound conveying equipment, and 1 set of vertical conveyor. The four way shuttles can achieve layer changing operation. The planned number of storage rackings in the plan is 2901, which can achieve fully automatic inbound and outbound operations. Support integration with the WMS system, issue inbound and outbound operations in the WMS system, and in emergency situations, inbound and outbound operations can be implemented in the WCS system or on-site ECS operation screen (additional inbound and outbound information needs to be recorded). The tray label adopts barcode.

Inform storage four way radio shuttle systems 5

3.Project advantages
1). The four way radio shuttle solution has a high space utilization rate and a larger cargo space;
2). The solution can realize the function of random out of the library, avoiding the warehouse shifting and shifting, and the efficiency is greater;
3).The efficiency is flexible and controllable. It is possible to increase the number of sets for single device to meet the customer’s demand for efficiency increasing. If the efficiency is expanded in the later stage, the workload of project transformation will be less or even zero;
4). The project investment is low, and the number of equipment sets is allocated according to Party A’s efficiency to meet Party A’s efficiency requirements while at the same time making the investment smaller;
5). The design of the racking adjustment line effectively reduces the installation difficulty and makes the racking installation more accurate.

Inform storage four way radio shuttles 4

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