How does the Inform Storage Shuttle System Help the Continuous Chain of Medicine Cold Chain?


1. why do refrigerated medicines need a strict storage environment?

For the storage and transportation of vaccines, if the storage temperature is improper, the validity period of the drug will be shortened, reduced titer or deteriorated, the efficacy will be affected and even side effects will occur. Severe cases, such as being bitten by a rabies-infected dog, receive an ineffective rabies vaccine without knowing it, and the consequences are self-evident.

. What is the medicine cold chain?

“Medicine cold chain” is the entire supply chain system which means that the drugs needing to be refrigerated must be in the low-temperature environment specified by each drug from production, storage, transportation, distribution, retail, to patient medication and other links, to ensure the quality and safety of refrigerated drugs and reduce losses, to prevent pollution.

The safe storage environment for most vaccines is between 2°C and 8°C.


3. How to ensure the safety of medicine cold chain?

Cold storage: According to GSP requirements, to equip automatic monitoring, display, recording, regulation and alarm, and to use a dual-circuit power supply system.

Out-of-warehouse transfer: From the warehouse to the pharmacy and ward, the refrigerated medicines must be transported in a cold storage incubator, and the in and out time is recorded, and avoiding the medicines leaving the refrigerated equipment for a long time.

Pharmacy storage: The pharmacy is equipped with an automatic temperature and humidity monitoring system, which can provide early warning of abnormal temperature and equipment failure alarms for refrigeration equipment.

Inform Storage has participated in the construction of many warehouses in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, and fully understands the storage needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Aiming at the characteristics of the cold chain of medicines, the solution suitable for the storage of medicines in cold storage has been launched.

4-1 3-1Medicine Cold Chain Solution for Shuttle Mover System

4-1Medicine Cold Chain Solution for Multi Shuttle Picking System


Inform Warehouse Management Software (WMS) automatically monitors, displays, records, regulates, and alarms for drugs in stock to ensure safe medicine inventory in the cold chain.




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