How does the Inform Storage Shuttle+Forklift Solution Work?


The Inform Storage Shuttle+Forklift System Solution is an efficient warehouse management system that combines shuttles and forklifts. To achieve fast, accurate, and safe storage and transportation of goods.

A shuttle is an automatically guided small that can move quickly on racking tracks and transport goods to designated locations as needed. Forklifts are a type of handling equipment with lifting and pitching functions, used to remove or put goods back on rackings.

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In the shuttle+forklift system solution, the shuttle and forklift are connected through wireless networks to achieve real-time information exchange and collaborative operations. When it is necessary to access goods, the system will automatically dispatch shuttle trucks and forklifts to quickly and accurately transport the goods to the designated location. This solution improves the storage and transportation efficiency of the warehouse, reduces the cost and errors of manual operations, and also ensures the safety and integrity of the goods.

In addition, this solution can also be customized according to actual needs, including racking height, cargo specifications, transportation routes, etc., to meet the needs of different industries and enterprises.


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1.System advantages
1)It can achieve fully automatic and unmanned 24-hour operation.
2)The shuttle mover can be changed levels, greatly improving system flexibility.
3)The three directions of motion are completely independent, maximizing the optimization of system efficiency.
4)The system has strong scalability and can solve peak and low valley inbound and outbound operations by increasing the number of shuttles and shuttle movers.
5)Realize logistics and highly consistent information flow through WMS management and WCS scheduling.

2.Solve the problems
1)High manual operation cost: Through automation equipment and systems, the cost and errors of manual operations are reduced.
2)The safety of goods cannot be guaranteed: through automated equipment and systems, the safety and integrity of goods are guaranteed.
3)Low storage and transportation efficiency: Through automated equipment and systems, the storage and transportation efficiency of the warehouse has been improved.

3.Efficiency value
1)Improving storage and retrieval efficiency: Compared with traditional warehouse management methods, shuttle+forklift system can significantly improve the storage and retrieval speed of goods, thereby accelerating order processing speed and goods circulation speed.
2)Save labor costs: By using automated and intelligent equipment, manual operations and errors can be reduced, thereby lowering labor costs.
3)Optimizing space utilization: Through high-density storage and intelligent management, warehouse space can be maximized and storage capacity can be improved.
4)Enhancing supply chain management capabilities: By implementing automated and intelligent warehouse management, real-time information of goods can be better grasped, and the transparency and predictive ability of the supply chain can be improved.

4.Application scenarios
1)Cold chain: For goods that require strict temperature control, such as fresh food, the shuttle+forklift system can quickly complete storage and transportation while ensuring the quality of the goods.
2)Clothing and automotive parts professional markets: These industries require efficient management of a large number of products in order to quickly respond to market demand. The shuttle+forklift system can improve the storage and transportation efficiency of the warehouse, and accelerate the speed of goods circulation.
3)Cross border e-commerce: Fast and accurate processing of orders and shipments is crucial for cross-border e-commerce. The shuttle+forklift system can assist in achieving automated and intelligent order processing and shipping processes.

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