How has the Intelligent Construction of Warehousing Developed in the Pharmaceutical Industry?


In recent years, the scale of the pharmaceutical distribution industry has steadily increased, and there is a significant demand for terminal distribution, which has promoted the automation and intelligent development of warehousing and logistics in pharmaceutical distribution.

1.Enterprise introduction
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1951 with a registered capital of 2.227 billion yuan. It is the largest Sino foreign joint venture pharmaceutical distribution enterprise in China. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical has a landmark brand that has been operating in the wholesale and retail fields of pharmaceuticals for nearly 70 years, with over 50000 product specifications in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health products, and other fields. It also provides value-added services in the pharmaceutical supply chain, such as third-party pharmaceutical logistics and hospital pharmacy integration services. Its business performance has always ranked among the top five in the same industry in China.

Inform storage Pharmaceutical Industry 1

2.project implementation

  – Four major automated warehouse storage centers
  – The elevated inventory warehouse
  – Side picking warehouse,
  – online picking warehouse
  – 0-40 ℃ & 2-8 ℃
  – AS/RS and related supporting systems
  – Cold storage picking equipment systems
  – Sorting and conveying systems, and other systems
  – 21 sets of track tunnel type stacker crane systems
  – 26000 bins and pallets

ROBOTECH has created four major automated warehouse storage centers based on the characteristics of drug quality standards. Among them, the elevated inventory warehouse, side picking warehouse, and online picking warehouse are set as constant temperature warehouses, and the working environment temperature is 0-40 ℃; The refrigerated elevated warehouse is set as a low-temperature warehouse, with a working environment temperature of 2-8 ℃.

The entire automated warehouse includes AS/RS and related supporting systems, cold storage picking equipment systems, sorting and conveying systems, and other systems. Among them, the AS/RS systems of the four major warehousing and storage centers are all provided by ROBOTECH Automation Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ROBOTECH), with a total of 21 sets of track tunnel type stacker crane systems planned, including more than 26000 bins and pallets.

Inform storage asrs system 2

3.Project advantages
After the completion of the project, with an increase in logistics volume, the number of warehouse operators decreased by 50%, with an annual throughput capacity of 24 million boxes and a daily order processing capacity of 220000 order lines, resulting in a significant breakthrough in work efficiency. Not only will it become one of the modern pharmaceutical logistics distribution hubs with the highest automation, strongest intelligence, and widest technological application in the country, but it will also support the business development of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the next 10 years, achieving the logistics service requirements of high automation, high intelligence, and high efficiency in the pharmaceutical supply chain..

Inform storage stacker crane 4

Inform storage stacker crane system 5

4.Project highlights
Based on the massive number of SKUs and high throughput characteristics in the pharmaceutical distribution industry, ROBOTECH has chosen the Black Panther series in the AS/RS system of this project. This series of double column stacker cranes has different models such as single depth and multiple depth, and is characterized by speed, flexibility, and reliability. It is suitable for pallet storage systems with a load capacity of less than 1500kg and a height of 25m. The operating speed of the device can reach 240m/min, with an acceleration of 0.6m/s2.

In response to the requirements of the automated warehouse project, ROBOTECH further customized the project based on the selection decision. Adopting servo drive control, the positioning accuracy, response speed, and handling efficiency are greatly superior to the standard model. In addition, the servo drive also has a good anti shake function, making the operation of the stacker crane smoother, with significantly improved safety and stability.

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