How will the 2023 Work Conference of Inform Storage be Held?



On November 9th, the General Meeting of the Warehousing Technology and Management Sub technical Committee of the National Logistics Standardization Technical Committee and the 2023 Annual Work Conference were successfully held in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi.


The meeting was chaired by Wang Feng, Secretary General of the Storage Technology and Management Subcommittee (hereinafter referred to as the “Storage Subcommittee”), and more than 40 people including Jin Lei, Deputy Director of the Standards Work Department of the China Logistics and Procurement Federation, Wei Minjie, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Hubei Material Circulation Technology Research Institute (Secretariat Undertaking Unit), and members of the 3rd Subcommittee attended the meeting.


The third warehousing sub committee is composed of 35 members.


“In our future work, we will conscientiously fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the chairman, and work with all members to effectively carry out the standardization work of the warehousing sub standardization committee in accordance with the requirements of the National Standards Commission and the National Material Standards Commission, guided by the urgent needs of the industry, and promote high-quality development of the industry.”—-Chairman Jin Yueyue

At the meeting, the committee members listened to and reviewed the work report and plan of the second and third warehousing sub standardization committees, as well as the work plan for 2024, as well as the articles of association of the new warehousing sub standardization committee, the working rules of the secretariat, and the standard system in the field of warehousing technology and management. They suggested that the future warehousing sub standardization committee carry out standard research and development around intelligent warehousing, green warehousing, and informationization of warehousing management. They hope that the warehousing sub standardization committee will continue to strengthen the promotion and implementation of standards, Improve the standard system and make breakthroughs in the development of international standards.

In order to help the new committee members gain a deeper understanding of logistics standardization work, Jin Lei, Deputy Director of the Standards Department of the China Federation of Logistics and Procurement, shared information on the logistics standard system, management measures for the formulation and revision of logistics national (industry) standards, and project review of logistics standards.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Director Jin Lei gave a concluding speech. Firstly, on behalf of the National Standards of Goods Commission and the China Federation of Logistics and Procurement, she congratulated the successful transition of the Warehousing Sub committee and hoped that all members could conscientiously fulfill their duties and actively participate in standardization work. She affirmed the achievements of the second sub standardization committee and put forward the following suggestions and requirements for the warehousing sub standardization committee and the Secretariat: firstly, encourage new members to actively learn standardization knowledge and participate in standardization training; Secondly, it is recommended to make good use of the platform established by the China National Standards Commission and make breakthroughs in carrying out international and group standards work; Thirdly, it is recommended that the sub standardization committee strengthen the implementation and promotion of standards; Fourthly, it is recommended that the Secretariat of the Sub standardization Committee conduct comparative research on standard content and coordinate with other standardization committees.




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