ICT + SYLINCOM + 5G IIIA + INFORM, Conjointly Creating an “Industrial Grade 5G + Intelligent Handling Robot” Collaboration Platform


Recently, the “industrial grade 5G + intelligent handling robot” demonstration platform was completed in Nanjing, and the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT ), SYLINCOM, 5G International Industrial Innovation Alliance (5G IIIA), and Inform Storage has joined forces to conjointly built it. The completion of this platform can further realize the enterprise’s production scenarios and the digital and intelligent upgrade of products and services.

At present, “Industrial grade 5G + Industrial Internet” has taken the first applications in aviation, ports, new energy vehicles, engineering machinery, cold chain and other industries. And with its unparalleled advantages in scene applications such as “data collection and analysis, visual perception, precise calculation, remote control, auxiliary production, digital twins”, it has greatly improved productivity and even changed the form of business. As far as the logistics industry is concerned, the advent of the era of “5G + industrial Internet + intelligent handling robots” has promoted rapid changes in the logistics industry.

Inform Storage, as an advanced enterprise in the field of smart logistics, has always attached great importance to R&D and innovation. Its “intelligent handling robot” series include four-way radio shuttle , radio shuttle, four-way multi shuttle, multi shuttle, shuttle mover, AGV and other equipment.