Inform Industrial Heavy Duty Multi-Tier Warehouse Rack Steel Mezzanine Floor Storage Racking Systems


1. Customer Introduction

Nanjing Water Group is a large state-owned enterprise established on March 1, 2013. It is mainly responsible for the production, supply, service and urban sewage treatment in the main urban area of the city, as well as the design, construction and supervision of water facilities. The registered capital is CNY ¥3 billion, the total assets are CNY ¥10 billion, and the total number of employees is more than 4,000.


2. Automated Warehouse 

     A total of four floors
     786 pallet positions
     - 574 AGV rack positions (3444 bins)
     - 50 pallets/hour
     15 sets of racking /hour (AGV)


The automated warehouse has a total of four floors, and two floors are currently used for automated storage. There are a total of 786 pallet positions in the first-floor warehouse, and 574 AGV rack positions (3444 bins) on the second floor


The first floor stores large items, adopts the four-way radio shuttle system, and uses 3 four-way radio shuttles. The pallets are automatically put into storage from the inbound, and go out of storage to the picking port and manually picking. The overall operating efficiency of the system is 50 pallets/hour.



Small pieces are stored on the second floor, and the bin is lifted from the inbound on the first floor to the conveyor line on the second floor through the elevator. The conveyor line sends the goods to the manual processing port. According to the system prompts, the bin is placed on the designated AGV shelf. The AGV automatically completes the storage, and the efficiency of a single operation is 15 sets of racking /hour (AGV).


3. Project Advantages

The entire warehouse is fully automated for storage, with manual labor at picking and replenishment locations. In order to ensure the accuracy of picking, WMS unified management is adopted. Manually pick according to the system prompts, and scan the code to complete the closed-loop control of the system. It improves the accuracy of system inventory, simplifies the operation process of personnel, facilitates enterprise management, and saves a lot of labor and time for enterprises.


4. Four-way Radio Shuttle System Advantages

 System performance description and application:

      The four-way shuttle is an intelligent handling equipment that realizes vertical and horizontal running;

      The four-way shuttle has high flexibility. It can change the operation roadway arbitrarily, and can also adjust the system capacity.

       When necessary, it can adapt to the peak of the system and solve the bottleneck of access operations;

      The four-way shuttles can be replaced with each other. When a fault occurs, other shuttles or hoists can be dispatched to

       continue the operation;

      Four-way shuttle can maximize efficiency, cost and resources.



      Reduce cost input and improve storage space utilization;

      Four-way running to achieve any location in the warehouse;

      Power monitoring, automatic charging (multi-level threshold control).



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