Inform received Award of Apparel Supply Chain and Logistics Excellent Projects


On July 22-23, the “Global Apparel Industry Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Seminar 2021(GALTS 2021)” was held in Shanghai. The theme of the conference was “Innovative Change”, focusing on the apparel industry’s business model and channel changes , Supply chain digital transformation, warehousing operation management and other modules. Participants together discuss and forecast industry development trends and practical problems that need to be solved urgently.


Inform has been deeply do the business in the field of intelligent logistics for many years, serving more than 50 clothing brand enterprises, and more than 100 intelligent warehousing and logistics projects. In this GALTS 2021, Inform was invited to participate and won the “Award of Apparel Supply Chain and Logistics Excellent Projects”.


²  the Award of Apparel Supply Chain and Logistics Excellent Projects

During the meeting, Inform had communicate with representatives of a number of apparel companies face-to-face. Based on the successful implementation of multiple project cases, Inform vividly introduced intelligent storage system, intelligent handling equipment and intelligent software and other business modules and services.


At present, major clothing brands are fiercely competing, and they are constantly using emerging technologies to improve their core competitiveness and operational level; the digital and intelligent upgrading of storage systems has become one of the core driving forces for the high quality development of industry. In the future, Inform will continue to devote itself to the innovation of intelligent warehousing technology, deepen the cooperation with enterprises, and serve the improvement and the transformation of digital intelligence of industry chain.

Project Case on Apparel Industry

1. Products supplied

Shuttle Racking System                     4

Conveyor at end of Racking              4

Four-way Multi Shuttle                    40

Lifter to change level                          8

Conveyor System                                 3

Control Cabinet                                   6

Power Cabinet                                     3

WCS                                                       1

Industrial Personal Computer         3

Switch                                                   6

Wireless AP                                        18

Operating Station                               3


2. Technical Specification

Shuttle Racking System

Racking Type: Four-way Multi Shuttle Racking

Box dimension: W600×D800×H280mm

Loading Capacity: 30kg/box position

Box Position: 10045*4=40180 box positions


Conveyor at end of Racking

Speed: 30m/min


  Four-way Multi Shuttle

Maximum Speed: 4m/s

Acceleration: 3m/s²

Maximum Loading: 30kg

Positional accuracy: ±3mm


3. Operational Capability

the operational capability of unit Four-way Multi Shuttle is 35 box/hour (inbound + outbound)

Warehouse System: 40 shuttles×35 box/hour=1400 box/hour (inbound + outbound)

Compact storage: warehouse utilization improves 20-30%


4. Flash on Case