Inform Storage Holds Annual Business Strategy Analysis and Budget Conference


On November 10, 2023, Inform Group held an annual business strategy analysis and budget meeting at the Jiangning Convention and Exhibition Center. The purpose of this meeting is to review the work achievements of the past year, analyze the current challenges and opportunities, and formulate a strategic plan and budget for next year.


At the beginning of the meeting, the heads of each business unit of the Inform Group provided detailed reports on the work tasks of previous integration meetings. These tasks cover multiple aspects such as personnel integration, information technology integration, technology integration, finance integration, and supply chain integration, showcasing the achievements and progress made by Inform Group in various aspects.



Subsequently, Jin Yueyue, General Manager of Inform Group, gave instructions on the completion of various tasks. He emphasized the importance of a work plan and requested everyone to find ways to complete the work within the plan, actively coordinate resources from all parties, and collaborate as a team to achieve common goals. At the same time, he also pointed out that as a cadre, it is necessary to organize a team to complete tasks together, and stated that the enterprise system should be built on an adaptive organizational culture. Manage the company through systems and mechanisms, improve and improve unreasonable institutional regulations, and make management more institutionalized and standardized.


The heads of each business unit subsequently reported on the completion of the 2023 goals. The sales department has focused on controlling contract risks this year, prioritizing the risk of project payment recovery. In 2023, we have completed project cooperation with internal subsidiaries in the food cold chain, rubber tires, new energy, ceramics, and fine chemical industries, showcasing the achievements of the sales department in market expansion.

The head of the Installation and Production Business Unit introduced the current production capacity and future development plans of the factory. By increasing equipment investment and personnel management, the per capita tonnage was increased, and a three-level management model of project management, installation management, and labor dispatch was attempted to continuously improve production efficiency and management level.

The person in charge of subsidiary ROBOTECH introduced their achievements and future development plans in technology research and development, including further improving human efficiency, focusing on the rejuvenation of the R&D and operation teams, and changing traditional production and manufacturing models through large-scale production methods, demonstrating the strength and determination of Inform Group in technology innovation and product development.




Subsequently, Jin Yueyue, General Manager of Inform Group, reviewed and decomposed Professor Huang Lianyao's strategic policy. He pointed out that the business philosophy of Inform Group is to build a century old enterprise and continuously and stably create value for employees and shareholders. Inform Group is committed to becoming a leading international provider of intelligent logistics equipment, positioned as a provider of logistics equipment business both domestically and internationally, and maintaining friendly cooperative relationships with integrators. This strategic policy points out the direction for the future development of Inform Group.

In summarizing experience and looking forward to the future, Jin Yueyue, General Manager of Inform Group, emphasized the importance of business policies such as being brave in taking responsibility, green and harmonious, professional quality, and customer satisfaction. He stated that Inform has always been committed to gaining market reputation with professional quality, providing satisfactory services to customers, and withstanding the test of time and the market. The group needs to further build an information system, focusing on mining production and operational data, and establishing internal business management models. In addition, he also proposed strategic goals such as building intelligent factories, increasing brand share and market share, and expanding overseas business.


In 2024, Inform Group will actively expand its overseas market while maintaining stable development in the domestic market. Through strategies such as improving project delivery quality and increasing production capacity of major factories, it will enhance its market competitiveness. Adopting a matrix organizational structure management model that parallels functional and project management to more efficiently respond to market changes and customer needs, forming a complete group management system, and promoting collaborative cooperation among various lines. Serve the target market with core technologies and capabilities, sort out and strengthen existing core technologies and capabilities, clarify the target market to better meet customer needs, develop new products more accurately, and formulate marketing strategies.

In addition to focusing on core business and market expansion, Inform Group will also actively develop new business segments to achieve incremental goals. We will use advanced equipment and operational capabilities to develop warehousing operations and provide customers with more efficient and reliable warehousing services; Secondly, establish external and internal training bases, establish an internal training system for the Inform Group, and strive for external operations to cultivate more high-quality talents to support the company's development.

Inform Group will actively explore the development model of overseas business while closely following the national investment and construction. Through in-depth cooperation with local partners and the formation of professional marketing teams, we can better understand and meet the needs of local customers, laying the foundation for the company's global development.

Finally, Liu Zili, the Chairman of Inform Group, stated that he will spare no effort to support the operation of Inform Group, making its development more stable, going further, with stronger strength and risk resistance. At the same time, the importance of analyzing internal issues and external opportunities of the enterprise was emphasized. And put forward four hopes for future development:

Firstly, Inform Group needs to ensure survival and achieve stable operation. While expanding market share, attention should be paid to diversifying business risks and not becoming an "atmosphere". Special attention should be paid to not stepping on landmines and strengthening risk prevention awareness.

Secondly, it is necessary to practice "internal skills" to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and wait for opportunities. In the future, it is necessary to reasonably allocate resources and increase investment to establish technical and management barriers to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of talent echelons and organizational culture construction, establish employee recognition and loyalty to the organizational culture and even habits of the audio flying brand through recruitment and training of young people, and strengthen the internal construction of the group through training team building and team communication to improve overall operational efficiency and service quality.

At the same time, it is necessary to establish a workforce of workers in Jiangxi factories and increase investment in Jiangxi factories, building modern chemical plants with standardized and high-level management.



This meeting not only summarizes the achievements and experience of Inform Group over the past year, but also clarifies the future development direction and goals. Faced with the dual test of market challenges and opportunities, Inform Group will continue to strengthen technological innovation and market expansion, strive to achieve sustainable development, and achieve even more brilliant achievements in future development!





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