Inform Storage is Invited to Participate in the 2023 Cold Chain Logistics Entrepreneur Autumn Forum



On September 21-22, the “2023 Cold Chain Logistics Entrepreneur Autumn Forum and the 56th China Cold Chain Logistics Long Journey” jointly organized by the China Refrigeration Alliance and the Cold Chain Logistics Branch of the China Refrigeration Association was held in Nanjing, and Inform Storage was invited to participate.


The theme of this forum is “Innovation, Challenge, and Symbiosis“, focusing on the development trends of the cold chain logistics industry, cold chain technology innovation, and sustainable development of cold chain logistics. The attending guests shared their experiences and insights, exploring how to maintain competitiveness, reduce costs, and improve service levels in the new market environment.

As one of the leading enterprises in the cold chain logistics industry, Inform Storage not only focuses on its own technological innovation and development, but also remains committed to promoting the progress and development of the entire industry. By participating in this forum, Inform Storage further deepened its understanding and understanding of the cold chain logistics industry, and injected new impetus into future innovation and development.




In the future, Inform Storage will continue to deepen its efforts in the field of cold chain logistics, increase research and development investment, and promote technological innovation. At the same time, the company will actively participate in relevant activities and conferences in the cold chain logistics industry both domestically and internationally, strengthen communication and cooperation within the industry, and jointly explore the development direction and future challenges of the cold chain logistics industry.




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Post time: Sep-27-2023

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