Inform Storage will Debut with a Brand New Product at CeMAT ASIA 2023


The 22nd Asia International Logistics Technology and Transport Systems Exhibition (CeMAT ASIA 2023) will be held from October 24th to 27th, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This exhibition will showcase a complete set of automation equipment, including the new generation four way multi shuttle, two way multi shuttle, four way radio shuttle, and two way radio shuttle, at booth W2-E2, as well as showcasing heavyweight new products. This series of product innovations will redefine the operational model of the logistics industry, greatly improving warehousing efficiency and flexibility.

CeMAT ASIA is an important display platform for global logistics technology and equipment, attracting experts and enterprises from the global logistics technology field to participate. This exhibition will showcase and provide detailed explanations through practical operations, allowing visitors to experience the innovation and improvement brought by the new generation of products.

You will see a new generation at the exhibition:

Four way multi shuttle


The new four-way multi shuttle is smaller in size, lighter in weight, faster in speed, and lower in energy consumption compared to the previous generation. Having two configuration modes at the same time, it can adapt to more usage scenarios.

Two way multi shuttle


The cargo forks of the new two way multi shuttle are made of lightweight aluminum with irregular sections, integrated extrusion molding, and precision manufacturing; Adopting customized linear guide rails imported from Italy, ensuring smooth and smooth delivery and retrieval of goods. Compared to the previous generation of two-way shuttles, it has lower energy consumption, lower sorting costs, higher space utilization, and faster speed.

At the same time, you will also see the following products:


Two way radio shuttle


Four way radio shuttle


Shuttle mover


Attic shuttle


Our Heavyweight New Product


We look forward to meeting you warmly at CeMAT ASIA 2023′s W2-E2 booth! In addition, in order to fully enhance your exhibition experience, please pre register for the exhibition to ensure that you can smoothly obtain the latest information, event arrangements, etc. of the exhibition. Let’s look forward to the arrival of this logistics technology feast together!


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