Inform Storage Won the 2023 Excellent Logistics Engineering Award


On May 11, 2023, the “2023 Consumer Goods Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation and Development Seminar” organized by the magazine “Logistics Technology and Applications” was successfully held in Hangzhou. Inform Storage was invited to participate and won the 2023 Excellent Logistics Engineering Award.

The theme of this meeting was “Supply Chain Reconstruction and Strategic Formulation in Business Evolution“. A macro analysis was conducted from the perspective of cold chain policy environment, supply chain strategic changes, and logistics technology upgrades. In response to efficient and integrated logistics solutions, as well as full channel and full chain logistics services, industry experts and enterprise representatives organized in-depth exchanges and discussions.


Zheng Jie, General Manager of the Sales Center of Inform Storage Automation Business Unit
, was invited to attend the meeting and had discussions with industry colleagues on the topic of “integrated logistics service links“. Through intelligent means, transportation paths were optimized, green supply chains were expanded, and sustainable development of the enterprise was achieved. Utilize automated equipment to improve warehouse operational efficiency, analyze consumer characteristics, and enhance customer satisfaction. Maximize efficient and integrated logistics services across all regions and channels.

At this conference, Inform Storage won the 2023 Excellent Logistics Engineering Award for its Suzhou Meinong Smart Warehousing Project, demonstrating its brand strength with its strength.

1. Project overview

     - Four-way radio shuttle vehicle dense storage system
    - H
eight of 12 meters and 6 floors
    - T
otaling 3201 cargo spaces
6 four-way radio shuttle
2 vertical conveyors
WCS warehouse monitoring system & WMS warehouse management system
    - F
our-way radio shuttle

Inform Storage is a four-way radio shuttle vehicle dense storage system created by Meinong Biotechnology, with a height of 12 meters and 6 floors, totaling 3201 cargo spaces. It is equipped with 6 four-way radio shuttle, 2 vertical conveyors, WCS warehouse monitoring system, and WMS warehouse management system. Each layer is equipped with one four-way radio shuttle, which can work together with multiple machines on the same layer or change layers through a lifting machine.

2. System
1) Low requirements for warehouse height, area, regularity, etc
2) High density storage, flexible design of cargo space depth
3) Strong flexibility in emergency
4) Modular design with good scalability, increasing the number of shuttles according to different efficiencies

3. C
ustomer benefits
The dense warehouse system can achieve 24-hour fully automated batch pallet operations, with a storage capacity increase of 30% -70% compared to before, a storage space utilization rate of up to 95%, doubled work efficiency, and greatly saved labor costs. At the same time, it can achieve digital and visual storage system management, and achieve lean management of enterprises.

Inform Storage always adheres to customer-centric, result oriented, and continuous innovation, providing global customers with a one-stop smart logistics ecosystem solution. We are willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with full chain ecological enterprises, and jointly promote the continuous innovation and development of the industry.





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