Inform Wins Two Awards: the 2021 Advanced Mobile Robot Golden Globe Award and China Logistics Famous Brand Award


On October 28th, on the third day of CeMAT ASIA 2021, Shanghai New International Expo Centre Booth E2, Hall W2,the visitors, business groups, association, media and other people are still in a constant stream of enthusiasm at Inform Storage Booth.

At the same time, the 2021 (second) annual meeting of advanced mobile robots and the 2021 China (International) Smart Logistics Innovation and Development Summit are being held. In the industry event, Inform won the 2021 Advanced Mobile Robot Golden Globe Award for our excellence in the industry, and then won the China Logistics Famous Brand Award.

Advanced Mobile Robot Golden Globe Award Excellent Integrator2021

From October 27th to 28th, with the theme of “In uncertainty, only innovation is far-reaching”, the 2021 (2nd) Advanced Mobile Robot Annual Conference was held in Shanghai; Inform Storage won the “Advanced Mobile Robot 2021 Excellent Integrator Golden Globe Award” based on its excellent intelligent logistics Robots, smart software, high-precision racking products and innovative service capabilities.


Gu Tao, Director of Inform Storage Engineering Technology Center, delivered a keynote speech on “Application and Development of Dense Storage”. He said: “The development of dense storage equipment is a supplement and improvement to intelligent storage equipment; from drive-in racking to mobile racking, Shuttles, four-way shuttles, and etc., dense storage has always existed, but the current dense storage is more automated and intelligent. In the implementation of dense storage, Inform storage can maximize the project’s performance through system planning and the application of simulation technology. The implementation results are moved forward, and the results are accurately controlled through digital means. Based on collaboration of several shuttles and the application of intelligent algorithms, the overall optimization capability of the storage system is strengthened, and the scheduling optimization is more accurate. With the 5G technology, it is expected to realize the smart storage as easy as smart home in using model”.


2021 China Logistics Famous Brand