INFORM won ‘the Logistics Innovation Technology Award’


From June 3 to 4, 2021, the “Fifth Global Manufacturing Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Symposium” sponsored by the “Logistics Technology and Application” magazine was grandly held in Suzhou. Experts and business representatives from manufacturing and logistics industries gathered to share the innovation and application of logistics technology in intelligent manufacturing, as well as successful project cases, and discuss the future development of this industry.

NANJING INFORM STORAGE EQUIPMENT (GROUP) CO.,LTD was invited to participate, and won the “Logistics Innovation Technology Award” for the “Four-way Multi Shuttle System” project.


INFORM Four-way Multi Shuttle

The four-way multi shuttle, independently developed by INFORM, incorporates many innovative technologies. The operation is more flexible and multi-dimensional, and operation lanes can be changed freely; the system capacity can also be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of shuttles; it solves the bottleneck of inbound and outbound, improves the efficiency, and be more widely applicable to storage scenarios in many industries.

Technological innovation

1) Distributed power deployment and sports collaborative design;

2) Core control board and firmware development and application technology;

3) Can be operated at any position in the warehouse;

4) Multi-shuttle coordination and avoidance technology on the same floor;

5) Advanced motion control algorithm and positioning technology;

6) Intelligent scheduling system and path planning technology;

7) Lightweight design and energy management, recycling technology, etc.

Application effectiveness

–Inbound and outbound capacity is increased by 3-4 times, which effectively solves the needs of high-flow operations;

–Fewer roadways are needed under the same processing volume;

–Reducing space and saving warehouse investment costs;

–Low requirements for warehouse floor height, low warehouses can also realize automated storage;

–More shuttles can be added to increase the processing capacity;

–The system can independently debug idle shuttles for cross-operations and touch various cargo positions in the warehouse;

–With intelligent storage system management software and visual screen monitoring system, it can monitor and dispatch in real time.

At this conference, INFORM won the “Logistics Innovation Technology Award”, which is not only the industry’s high recognition of INFORM, but also because of its deep understanding of smart logistics and intelligent storage needs for many years in the logistics and warehousing field.

In the future, INFORM will continue to focus on the needs of customers, deepen product technology innovation, provide more flexible intelligent logistics solutions; at the same time, accelerate the construction of “industrial Internet platform” and the integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and digital twins; continue to empower the deep integration and innovative development of intelligent logistics and manufacturing industries; promote the cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and the upgrading of digital intelligence.

Post time: Jun-08-2021

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