Involvement of Inform Storage in a New Energy Storage Project Successfully Completed


With the rapid development of the new energy industry, traditional warehousing and logistics methods can no longer meet the demands for high efficiency, low cost, and high accuracy. Leveraging its extensive experience and technical expertise in intelligent warehousing, Inform Storage has successfully designed an advanced warehousing system tailored to the needs of this new energy enterprise. The successful implementation of this project has enhanced the company’s warehousing management, reduced operational costs, and increased production efficiency.

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The project employs a multi shuttle system, including 24 multi shuttles and 12 vertical lifts, with a total investment exceeding 10 million RMB. This system boasts powerful data processing capabilities and flexible scalability, enabling real-time monitoring, precise positioning, and rapid retrieval of components.

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The project is equipped with advanced logistics equipment, including 24 multi shuttles and 12 vertical lifts. These devices feature high speed, stability, and layer-changing capabilities, significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of component storage and retrieval. Additionally, these devices possess intelligent scheduling and automation capabilities, optimizing and upgrading warehousing operations while reducing errors and losses caused by human factors.

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As the new energy industry continues to grow and warehousing and logistics technology advances, Inform Storage will continue to leverage its leading edge and technical expertise in the warehousing and logistics field. Inform Storage will persist in its customer-centric service philosophy, continually innovating and striving to provide more advanced, efficient, and intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions. We are committed to delivering superior and efficient services to customers worldwide.



Post time: Jun-14-2024

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