Nanjing Inform Storage Group Successfully Launched the Research and Development of Public Innovation Platform Project


Nanjing Inform Storage Group held a meeting to research and develop the core system of public innovation platform – PLM (product life cycle system). More than 30 people including PLM system service provider InSun Technology and relevant personnel of Nanjing Inform Storage Group attended the meeting.

At the PLM meeting, Ning Kang, the project director of InSun Technology, as the project manager of Party B, introduced the main contents of the PLM system implementation, the main plan of the project, the project milestones and other key contents. As the project manager of Party A, Bian Hongjian, the person in charge of the product section of Nanjing Inform Storage Group, introduced the members of the project team and the detailed division of labor, and put forward requirements for the R&D and design personnel. The PLM project is arranged as an important work of research and development. The leaders of each project team should set an example, reasonably arrange research and development and project tasks, carry forward the spirit of being willing to bear hardships, brave to take responsibility, and dare to challenge difficulties
, and complete all tasks of the project on time and with quality.


1. PLM (Product Life Cycle Management System) System Introduction
PLM is a series of application solutions
 that support the creation, management, distribution and application of information throughout the product life cycle, which are applied to enterprises in a single location, enterprises in multiple locations, and enterprises with collaborative relationships in the field of product research and development.

Effectively integrate people, processes and information, act on the entire enterprise, traverse the entire life cycle of products from concept to scrap, manage product data information, and support product-related collaborative research and development, management, distribution and use of product information. The PLM system covers the main functions of demand management, project management, configuration management, document management, coding management, change management, production process and after-sales service technology management, system tools, etc.



PLM system enables the resources in the whole product value chain (including internal and external resources of the enterprise) to add value to product design, and carries out product-centered collaborative product development in a top-down and integrated way.

PLM can also enable enterprises to manage internal information at different stages, realize information integration between different stages, and get through the relationship between design, manufacturing, production and sales, so that all kinds of information in the product life cycle can be fully shared and interacted, and effectively managed. Make the innovation capability of the value chain inside and outside the enterprise greater.

2. Project background
The R&D mass innovation platform is an important part of the “N+1+N” (product end+platform end+client) strategy of Nanjing Inform Storage Group, and the PLM system and corresponding design software are the most important design and data management software in product R&D and design, which can achieve data, standardization and modularization for the full life cycle management of future products. It is the foundation of the data center of the Group and the most basic starting point for the Group to move towards digitalization of operation and management and intelligent manufacturing logistics.

Therefore, with the continuous expansion of the entire product line of the Group, the establishment of a management platform that can support the design and development of the entire enterprise and the opening up of the information flow of the entire enterprise has always been the core content of the Group’s information construction.





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