Strong alliance : Inform Storage and Robotech Completed the Equity Transfer Contract


On Sep.28, the signing ceremony of the equity transfer agreement between Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. and ROBO Technologies Automation Company was successfully held in the Taoyang Hall of Taoxichuan International Trade Hotel.

The people participating in the signing ceremony are:Liu Zili, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Tao Wenlyu Group, Chairman of Nanjing Inform Storage; Wu Shuping, deputy general manager of the group and director of Inform Storage; Jin Yueyue, Director and General Manager of Inform Storage; Zhu Hai , Robotech shareholder representative; Tang Shuzhe , Robotech general manager; As well as related personnel from Tao Wenlyu Group, Inform Group and Robotech.

Group photo at the time of signing

Tang Shuzhe first took the stage to give a speech. Robotech originated in Europe, but developed in China and achieved its second take-off. This cooperation with Inform Storage is based on a common vision. Through the integration of experience, technology and strength of both parties, with the strong support of Tao Wenlyu Group, it actively integrates into the atmosphere of Inform Storage which is a listed company to achieve a strong join forces to build an influential company in China and around the world.


Jin Yueyue mentioned that this signing is an important turning point in the development of Inform Storage, marking a new starting point for Inform Storage to comprehensively develop various automated equipment manufacturing. Inform Storage and Robotech will learn from each other, learn from each other’s strengths, and constantly adapt to market changes and service needs, so as to lay a solid foundation for the realization of a domestic first-class enterprise.


Zhu Hai expressed his bright prospects for cooperation between the two sides. After these years of development, Robotech has reached a new height, and therefore it has been favored by Tao Wenlyu Group and Inform Storage. At this new development node, Robotech will also seize the existing opportunities, strengthen communication, empathize with each other, give play to the synergy effect, and jointly achieve the predetermined goals.

Liu Zili introduced the industrial development direction and human settlement environment of Jingdezhen. As the world’s earliest industrial city, Jingdezhen is in a new historical development period and is about to meet new development opportunities. The signing of this contract with Robotech is very meaningful and promising. Both parties share the same feelings and dreams, and are in a good development environment. Both parties will build a leading Chinese top enterprise together through the joint efforts.



After the speech, Jin Yueyue, director and general manager of Inform Storage, and Tang Shuzhe, general manager of Robotech, came to the stage and signed a formal contract.


Through the contract, Inform Storage and Robotech will work together to give full play to their respective advantages in technology, products, resources, and talents, and adhere to the principle of “complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual promotion, and common development”. Jointly explore and innovate and deepen integration in new energy, cold chain, high-tech ceramics, panels, new energy, medicine and medical care, food, and etc., and make positive contributions to the logistics intelligent warehousing industry.


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Post time: Sep-30-2021

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