Tell us about the Application of Two-way Multi Shuttle System Solution

The Inform storage two-way multi shuttle system is usually composed of dense storage shelves, two-way multi shuttle, warehouse front conveyor, AGV, high-speed elevator, goods to people picking station and software system. The conveyor in front of the warehouse cooperates with the shuttle on the same floor. Each shelf can be equipped with a single or multiple shuttles, or several shelves can share a shuttle through the elevator. Through intelligent software platform scheduling, the order can be quickly picked and warehoused.

1-1As the core equipment of the system, the Inform two-way multi shuttle can quickly and accurately sort and store goods according to the system instructions, and provide high-speed goods to the picking operators, greatly improving the picking efficiency. The two-way multi shuttle adopts modular design and has excellent performance. It is fully integrated with energy module, control module, communication module and data acquisition module. It is equipped with the third generation integrated circuit control system ECS developed by the company to support the operation and maintenance data collection and analysis, support the multi depth layout of the cargo space, and can use the working gap to quickly charge to meet the customer’s 24-hour automatic operation needs. The retractable fork can be used for both sides to release goods. The precision retractable finger type cargo grab is designed with light aluminum structure, which can access the bin in single or double deep cargo space.

1. System advantages
The Inform two-way multi shuttle system has high storage density, convenient warehousing and unloading, high warehousing and unloading rate, and is characterized by high efficiency, intelligence and economy. The overall system adopts modular design, which is highly expandable. The number of shuttles can be flexibly increased or decreased according to changes in business needs, and the shuttle can be quickly changed through the elevator. In addition, the system is flexible in deployment, occupies small space, and has low requirements on the floor height and regularity of the plant, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of storage space. With the same floor area, the storage capacity is larger.

2. Solve the problems
For the application scenario of warehousing operation with small warehouse area, low space utilization and high requirements for picking efficiency;

3. Efficiency value
The handling capacity of inbound and outbound storage is 3-4 times higher than that of ordinary stereo storage;

4. Application scenario
Efficient picking, replenishment, temporary storage, goods to people picking;
A variety of small goods, material boxes, cartons quickly out of the warehouse;

5. Applicable industries
Cold chain, 3C, retail, medicine





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