The “14th Five-Year Plan” Cold Chain Logistics Plan was Released, and Inform Storage Takes Advantage of the Trend


1.Foreword  “14th Five-Year Plan” for cold chain logistics plan

On December 13, the “14th Five-Year Plan for Cold Chain Logistics Development” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) issued by the General Office of the State Council was officially released. The National Development and Reform Commission issued and held a special press conference on the same day to introduce the situation in detail.

The “Plan” clearly defines the construction of eight national cold chain logistics backbone channels of “four horizontal and four vertical”, connecting the main agricultural production areas and 19 urban agglomerations in series, forming a national cold chain logistics backbone channel network with internal and external connections. Create a “321″ cold chain logistics operation system of “three-level nodes, two major systems, and an integrated network”.

2. Cold Chain Logistics Topics  –Understand Inform Storage from a new perspective

As a well-known warehousing equipment supplier in the field of cold chain logistics, Inform Storage currently has 4 smart factories, and its product system covers “intelligent logistics robots, smart software, high-precision racking and one-stop smart warehousing logistics service”; More than 10,000+ service items; It also maintains good cooperative relations with a large number of well-known companies such as COFCO Meat, Yili, Muyuan, Gaonong Biological, Haitian, Longda Foods; Jointown, Harbin Pharmaceuticals, etc., and has a wealth of cold chain food, cold chain medicine, cold chain logistics and warehousing projects service experience.

Throughout the development history of Inform, from common racking, high-level complex racking, to the birth of the first intelligent logistics robot, and to the achievement of the intelligent warehousing system integration project, Inform has come to today one step at a time, and its brand strength is well-known in the industry and abroad.

In the context of the vigorous development of smart logistics, Inform Storage has been deeply involved in the field of warehousing and logistics for many years. It has core technology and competitiveness. In the continuous innovation and integration, it will take advantage of the trend and contribute to the development of the industry!

3.Cold Chain Logistics Topics –Cold chain project case, setting industry benchmark

Xiasha Cold Storage Project

The cold chain project adopts the “stacker crane + shuttle” system solution, with a total planning of 16,422 pallet solutions, 3 cold storages, 10 lanes, and 7 stacker cranes (including 2 double depth stacker cranes with variable rail) , 4 pallet two-way shuttles and In and out of warehouse conveying equipment to realize automatic warehouse in and out functions. The combined operation efficiency of the three warehouses exceeds 180 pallets/hour (in + out).

High Hope Cold Chain Project

High Hope Cold Chain project has a warehouse area of 3,600 square meters, divided into cold storage and normal temperature storage; the cold storage is planned to have 1,302 pallet positions, equipped with 4 shuttle movers, 4 pallet radio shuttles, 2 pallet vertical conveyors, and 1 RGV; The room temperature warehouse has planned 998 pallet positions, with 2 shuttle movers, 2 radio shuttles, and 2 vertical conveyors for shuttle mover. The shuttle mover and the radio shuttle can be changed by the lifter, and the operation efficiency is 20 pallets/hour (in + out).