The 2022 Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Leaders Summit was Successfully Concluded in Suzhou, and the Inform Storage Won Five Awards

On January 11, 2023, the 2022 Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Leaders Summit and the annual event of logistics technology and equipment industry were held in Suzhou. Zheng Jie, the general manager of sales of storage automation of Inform, was invited to participate.

The conference focused on the promotion of logistics standardization, green and low-carbon transformation, intelligent equipment innovation, capital integration and upgrading, enterprise symbiosis, overseas market expansion and other topics, and gathered experts and enterprise representatives to explore the future of the industry.

In the brainstorming session, Zheng Jie, the general manager of the sales of the storage automation of the Inform Storage, had a profound discussion and exchange with industry experts and colleagues on the topics of “the external investment environment of the future logistics technology and equipment market” and “how to upgrade the manufacturing industry and intelligent logistics”.


Zheng Jie said:
 ”The current market environment has both challenges and opportunities. Digitalization, intelligence and greening have become the mainstream trend. Cross-border competition and cooperation have gradually become the norm. Compared with the white-hot competition situation in the domestic market, the foreign market is broader and has more investment potential. However, it is necessary to focus on the uncertainty factors such as the epidemic situation and the international situation as well as the problem of difficult project implementation”.

“The development of manufacturing industry cannot be separated from standardization and customization. Standardization brings lower costs and higher benefits, while customization meets the high-level, personalized and diversified needs of customers. Intelligent logistics itself is based on the standardization of goods units. In the future, whether it is large-scale standardization or small-scale customization production and manufacturing, it is the adaptive direction of the progress and development of intelligent logistics, and the shift from manufacturing to” intelligent “manufacturing, Improving efficiency with “intelligence” is the key to the joint development of the two. “

As far as the storage of Inform Storage is concerned, it is the underlying logic of the brand’s lasting development to constantly innovate and make products based on customer needs. The best interpretation of the theme of this conference is to lay out “smart factory, build a digital supply chain system for enterprises, constantly improve their own risk resistance and customer satisfaction; strengthen the application research of different industry scenarios to solve the real pain points of customers; advocate the win-win concept, implement differentiated competitive strategy, and lead the industry innovation to the top and other series of measures and strategic thinking.



At the awarding stage, Inform Storage won the “2022 Intelligent Logistics Industry Strength Brand Award”, “2022 Intelligent Logistics Industry Excellent Case Award”, “2022 Logistics Famous Brand (Shuttle Vehicle)”, “2022 Logistics Famous Brand (Shelf)”, and Inform Storage Group General Manager Jin Yueyue won the honor of “China’s Intelligent Logistics Industry Leader”. A total of 5 awards were won.



With more than 20 years of reputation, we have forged our brand with ingenuity and led the development of the industry with innovation. This conference, Inform Storage, won this honor and demonstrated our brand strength again. In the future, Inform Storage will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, constantly optimize the product structure, improve the service system, and make due contributions to the continuous development of China’s intelligent logistics industry.



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Post time: Jan-19-2023

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