The ROBOTECH Union Sends “Coolness” to Colleagues During the Summer


Dear colleague

It is extremely hot in the scorching summer. To ensure that frontline employees stay cool during the summer, ROBOTECH collaborates with the labor union to send everyone a refreshing experience. Thank you for not being afraid of the scorching heat, working diligently, and adhering to the values of “keeping promises and striving for excellence”. In the face of hot weather, we hope that while doing our work well, everyone should pay more attention to their health and balance work and rest. The company also always cares about your safety and health.



The continuous high temperature and muggy weather has brought severe “baking” tests to the construction personnel who adhere to the front line. In recent days, ROBOTECH has collaborated with the labor union to carry out high-temperature comfort and cooling activities, providing a sense of coolness and care to the workers who are fighting in the high-temperature front line.

On July 11th, Mr. Li Mingfu, Vice President of ROBOTECH’s Internal Control System, expressed gratitude and condolences to frontline employees on behalf of the company, thanking them for their hard work in meeting customer needs and enterprise development. He repeatedly urged everyone to improve their awareness of summer heatstroke prevention, do self-protection while ensuring safe production, and ensure that they are better equipped to work. At the same time, it is required that all departments adhere to the bottom line of safety, do a good job in various work during high temperature periods, popularize knowledge of heatstroke prevention, cooling, and first aid, and ensure the health and safety of frontline workers.

On July 11th, 12th, and 25th, ROBOTECH promptly sent heatstroke prevention drugs and summer cooling materials to frontline employees in batches to ensure their physical health and smooth and orderly production.

Kind greetings and heartwarming comforts, this high-temperature comforting activity not only brings coolness to employees’ hands, but also brings care to their hearts.





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Post time: Aug-11-2023

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