The Shuttle Mover System Upgrades the New Retail Industry to Improve Efficiency


The Inform storage shuttle mover system is usually composed of shuttles, shuttle movers, elevators, conveyors or AGVs, dense storage shelves and WMS, WCS systems; The overall system is flexible, highly flexible, and highly scalable. The storage space utilization rate is as high as 95%. It can realize 24-hour fully automated operation of the storage system and digital management of the entire process.

Compared with traditional pallet racks, the shuttle mover system does not require forklifts to drive into the racking lanes. In this way, it is not necessary to set aside forklift aisle space and corresponding auxiliary space, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of storage space, and also saving the time for forklifts to access goods, which satisfies customers' requirements for the combination of high-density storage and high-efficiency storage in the storage system.


In the shuttle mover system, the operation mode of the shuttle mover and the shuttle is flexible; The shuttle mover on the same floor carries the shuttle on the main road of the dense warehouse. When it reaches the designated branch road, the shuttle leaves the shuttle mover and autonomously carries out cargo access operations on the branch road; At the same time, the shuttle mover can be connected on the main road to cooperate with other shuttles. In general, the shuttle mover on the same floor can cooperate with multiple shuttles to operate, and it can also realize cross-layer operationthrough the hoist. The overall system has high efficiency and good economy.

The function of the shuttle mover is mainly used to complete the cross-lane handling of the shuttles, connect the shuttles to change layers, and can also transport pallets independently when the shuttles are separated. The function of the shuttle is mainly used to complete the storage, retrieval, tally, inventory and other operations of pallets in the shelf lane; There is an automatic charging function. When the power is lower than the threshold, it will automatically send a charging request to the upper computer, and the upper computer will issue a charging command according to the operation status judgment.


 System advantage

  1. The overall system has low requirements for warehouse building layout, floor height, load bearing and other conditions;
  2. It can realize 24-hour automatic unmanned batch operation, with two operation modes: FIFO and FILO;
  3. The shuttle and shuttle mover can work together on the same floor, and it can also realize cross-layer operation
      through the hoist;
  4. The shuttle mover is connected to multiple shuttles, and the shuttles can be charged online during operation;

 Solve problems

  Pallet storage operation scenarios meet customers' demands for the combination of high-density
  storage and high-efficiency storage in storage systems;

 Efficiency value

  Realize 24-hour fully automated batch pallet operations, increase storage capacity by 30%-70%, and increase storage
  space utilization up to 95%;

 Application scenarios

  It is suitable for the transfer and transportation of palletized goods, and is widely used in intensive automated 
  warehouse operation scenarios such as warehouses and warehousing logistics centers;

 Applicable industries

  Cold chain, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries;

 Project cases

3-1Liqun Intelligent Logistics Center
Shuttle Mover System

Liqun Group, as a trans-regional, multi-format and comprehensive large-scale commercial group company, has been ranked among the top 500 private enterprises in China for many years, and is also the top 30 chain enterprises in China; Facing the fierce market competition in the new retail industry and the development trend of digital and intelligent warehousing, we will strive to build an advanced logistics system and supply chain system to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

The intensive warehouse project of the shuttle mover system planned, designed and built by Inform Storage is one of the benchmark projects of Liqun Group to build an advanced logistics system. The project is located in Liqun Intelligent Logistics Center, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province, with a total height of nearly 20 meters, 9 floors, 9,552 pallet positions, 18 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers, and 1 set of WCS software system. It can realize the visualization, digitization and intelligent management of the whole process of warehousing system.

The shuttle mover system intensive warehouse mainly stores all kinds of commercial and supermarket items, and there are many kinds, requiring large quantities and frequent access to the warehouse and access; The equipped 18 sets of shuttle and shuttle mover can meet the 24-hour fully automated and unmanned operation of the storage system. The overall warehousing efficiency is 405 pallets/hour, including 135 pallets/hour at the inbound end and 270 pallets/hour at the outgoing end (including finished product release, empty pallet return, and surplus material return).

The Inform storage shuttle mover system adopts a modular design, which is easy to implement quickly and has a high return on customer investment; It can meet customers' demands for benefit and efficiency, and has leading technology, which is widely used in many industries.

In the future, Inform Storage will continue to be driven by innovation, continuously optimize product structure and system service capabilities, and provide more and better system solutions to assist the digital and intelligent upgrade and development of enterprise warehousing systems, improve quality and efficiency.



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