The Year-end Report Meeting for the Installation Center of Inform Storage in 2023 was Successfully Held


On January 19, 2024, the year-end work report meeting of the installation center of Inform Storage in 2023 was successfully held at Jinjiang City Hotel, aiming to review the work achievements of the past year and jointly discuss the development direction and key tasks for 2024.

Inform storage meeting

This meeting is not only a review and summary of the work of the past year, but also a recognition and commendation to all installation personnel.

Inform storage Year-end Report

That morning, the meeting officially began. Inform Storage’s Cai Heliang delivered an opening speech, expressing sincere gratitude to all employees of the installation center for their hard work and giving high praise to the company’s performance in the past year.

Inform storage Year-end meeting

Inform storage Year-end Report Meeting

Subsequently, each team leader of the installation center reported their work, provided feedback based on the problems encountered by each team’s projects, and department heads provided answers.

He said: Inform Storage, which can provide you with shuttles + racking” intelligent warehousing solutions; and improve the idea of Racking, Robot, Solutions for Automated warehouse supplies system, provide smarter storage solution with higher efficiency.

Inform storage installation center5

Inform Storage Xie Qijin said, “We need to organize a safety training system, optimize product structure, strengthen project review, project initiation review, and installation lead time review, and strengthen the review of materials, sites, and drawings.”

It is precisely because of this work ethic that we are able to submit satisfactory projects to clients one after another, including four-way radio shuttle system projects, multi shuttle system projects, stacker crane system projects, and automated warehouse projects.

Inform storage year meeting 6

Inform storage year report

During the discussion session of the meeting, leaders such as Zheng Jie, General Manager of Inform Storage Automation Sales Center, Bian Hongjian, General Manager of Product Center, Yang Tao, General Manager of Shelf Sales Center, and Gu Tao, General Manager of Engineering Center, held lively discussions on how to further improve the work efficiency of the installation center, strengthen team building, and promote technological innovation.

Inform storage installation centers

At the end of this meeting, Yang Yi, the General Manager of Inform Storage Sales Center, expressed sincere gratitude and best wishes to all employees of the installation center.

General Manager of Inform Storage Sales Center

Inform Storage Sales Center General Manager

The successful holding of this job briefing not only enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the installation center team, but also laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

Installation Center of Inform Storage

With the passage of time, Inform Storage Company has continued to grow and become a leader in the industry. And all of this cannot be separated from the employees who silently dedicate themselves and work hard.

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