Why did ROBOTECH win the 2023 Logistics Famous Brand Award?



Recently, the “China (International) Smart Logistics Innovation and Development Summit and the 12th China Logistics Famous Brand Award Ceremony” hosted by Xinchuang Rongmedia and Logistics Brand Network was held at the Pudong New International Expo Center in Shanghai. ROBOTECH won the “2023 Logistics Famous Brand (Shuttle)” award with years of industry cultivation and technological innovation.


The selection event for well-known logistics brands in China began in 2012 and has been successfully held for twelve times so far. More than 60 outstanding enterprises in the industry attended the selection event to receive awards. The conference invited Mr. Wang Jixiang, a renowned logistics expert and Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, Mr. Lai Qingwen, Chairman of Xinhua Innovation Internet of Things Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and President of Xinchuang Financial Media, and Mr. Yin Junqi, Chairman of Beijing Wuqiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., to present awards to the award-winning enterprises.


▲ ROBOTECH Business Director Yang Shuhan (fourth from the right)

The award list is generated through online voting by numerous manufacturing logistics directors, commercial logistics managers, and third-party logistics enterprise leaders on the logistics brand website throughout the year. The selection of activities has always adhered to the principles of openness, impartiality, and fairness, with the responsibility of promoting the development of China’s intelligent logistics equipment industry, and has been highly recognized by the industry for over a decade.

As a highly regarded smart logistics expert in China, ROBOTECH has extensive and in-depth industry experience, and its business covers fields such as fiber optics, tobacco, aviation, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, new energy, cold chain, 3C, and electricity. ROBOTECH always takes customer needs as the foundation and is committed to providing targeted and personalized solutions for logistics scenarios of customers in different industries, including AS/RS access systems, multi shuttle systems, goods to person picking systems, and WCS/WMS software systems, fully meeting the diverse and customized needs of customers.

The ROBOTECH Flying Fish series multi shuttle system can be used as a peripheral device for a automated warehouse or as an independent system. It has high adaptability and flexibility, and can freely change the working roadway, and adjust the inbound and outbound capacity by increasing or decreasing the number of shuttles, optimizing the existing warehouse space. Suitable for the storage and retrieval of material boxes and goods with a large number of SKUs. If necessary, the scheduling method of forming a task concentrated area operation team can be used to cope with the peak of the system, solve the bottleneck of inbound and outbound operations, achieve high-density container storage and efficient access, and give the project layout great flexibility and diversity.


In the future, ROBOTECH will continue to uphold the concept of innovation driven, actively respond to the country’s strategic deployment for the development of smart logistics, and inject new vitality into the global logistics industry with more advanced technology and better services. As a leading enterprise in the field of smart logistics, ROBOTECH will continuously deepen its application in various industries, improve the intelligence, greenness, and service-oriented level of the logistics industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of the global logistics industry.





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